pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

About Jessica.

Well, the doctor sat them down and said, they had taken two mm's of tissue surrounding the lump she had and that's what came back abnormal. So now they want to go in and take another 2 mm's for further biopsy results. (I'm not sure on the measurement) Then two weeks after that they'll find out if it had spread. Then it would be time to take further steps. Lots of things for Jess to think about and now she has to miss another two weeks from work. She said, "Why don't people think about cancer before you get it. If I had known I would have saved for it and not be so broke now." Poor angel, another thing to worry about. Last time we got her a gift card for Barnes and noble but this time we're going to give her money towards rent. WE figure that would help much more. So until the surgery and the biopsy results come back, we really don't know much more then we did. *sigh* Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts.

Hugs, Patt
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