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I'm on my own for four days. Whoo Hoo!

Grace and I are going to party, hearty. LOL

Rodney is leaving for four days on business, so I have the house to myself. I can eat frozen dinners, have desert for dinner if I want and just eat myself into a frenzy or coma, depending on my mood. LOL I really do love to cook, but not for one person.

The weekend was uneventful, other than vacuuming the dog. She just lays there and lets me vacuum up all of her loose hair. She sheds big time. She's a Boxer/Lab and I never thought they would shed that much. Rod was mowing the grass while I was vacuuming Grace and he was laughing his butt off. He can't believe she just sits there and lets me do it. (Hey, it's attention.)

I've started to slowly pack for my trip. I went shopping on Friday and got two more shirts, an umbrella and a pair of really nice blue jeans. They fit great. I'm in between sizes right now, so most of them look terrible because they hang on me, but the next size down is too tight. I love when I find something I really like.

I'm anxious about Tinnean and the Hurricane. I hope she and hubster are well. I also hope they didn't have to evacuate. That would 'so' suck. Tinn, check in when you can and let us know you're all right, okay?

No one has really heard from Scribe lately. Do you suppose it has something to do with getting a brand spanking new lap top? :) She's going to blow us all off for a piece of new equipment. Go, Scribe. LOL I can't wait to hear all about it.

Tonight I'm listening to George Harrison and missing him alot. I do the same thing when I listen to John Lennon. I'm so thankful that Paul McCartney is still around. He performs twice a year in Phoenix. Too bad I'm not fast enough to get tickets. They're sold out in an hour every time. Whew.

Did everyone miss RB in Desperate Housewives tonight? I feel like it's not the real show without him in at least once scene.

Well everyone have a great week. I hope it brings good health and happiness to all.

Hugs, Patt

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