pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

There are times

that I wish we lived in Canada for the health care system. My grandson who works, but doesn't make much money and has no insurance at his job, can't get welfare insurance, because he makes too much for that, had a seizure at our house on Saturday night. He's never had one before. He doesn't do drugs. The only thing he does is skate board on his days off and he falls a lot. I'm wondering if he's hitting his head and that might have caused it. He doesn't have the money to see a specialist, so he doesn't know what he's suppposed to do about it. *sigh* Hubster and I will probably foot the bill, but it's not fair for someone that works their ass off all week long, to not have any help what-so-ever with medical, while the illegals get everything they need, paid by us. He barely makes 7.00 an hour, so it's not like he's loaded and by the time he pays his rent and utiities, he's broke. I have a seizure disorder and I've lived with it since I was 26, and I'm doing fine. Maybe he takes after me. I have no idea what would have caused it. But we're worried. He's so young to have to worry about this. Poor guy. The icon is Vincent and his little sister, Sam. SHe's 4. Yes, they're 16 years apart.

Just venting...

Hugs, Patt
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