pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

The First Time Series: Part 20--First PDA

Warnings: Slash
Notes: This is the end of the series unless someone asks me for more.

First PDA
By Patt

The party was still going at midnight and Megan Conner walked over to Blair and said, “So how come you’re avoiding Jim?”

“I’m not avoiding him.”

“Yes, you are. And I think its bothering Jim,” She said.

“Honestly,” he whispered, “I didn’t want to push Jim into any false PDA for tonight. I want this all to be on his terms.”

Well, I think he’d like it if you sat by him while he opened his presents and at least acted like you were together,” Conner suggested.

“Okay, I’ll do it.”

All the presents were piled in front of the love seat and Jim was sitting there waiting for everyone to come and watch him. Blair sat down next to Jim and Jim’s smile lit up the room.

Blair realized that Conner had been right all along. Jim wanted to be close to him, it was Blair that kept them apart all night long.

Jim rubbed Blair’s thigh and said, “It’s a great party Chief.”

Blair was thrilled with the thigh rub. That was Jim’s first display of affection in public. Blair was determined that before the night ended he was going to hug and kiss Jim in front of everyone.

Jim opened the first present and laughed. He knew somehow it was from Rafe. Rafe was quite the jokester and this was no exception. “Look Chief, Rafe got me silly putty and playdoh.”

Blair started to laugh and said, “Well at least its age appropriate.”

Jim leaned in for their first official kiss in front of the gang and Blair kissed him back hard and strong. Jim finally pulled away and whispered, “Were you wanting that all night?”

“Yes, I’ve wanted it for some time. I needed to show people that we were a couple, not just tell them. You’ve made me feel like a million bucks,” Blair said.

The next present was from Conner and Joel. They bought Jim a new shoulder holster. It was beautiful. Jim thanked them over and over again.

Rafe said, “I thought we were supposed to bring gag gifts.”

Blair laughed and said, “It was up to the individual. Just so you’ll know, Jim is going to play with that Octopus Playdoh set, right and left. And he loves silly putty, so don’t worry about it.”

“Yeah, what he said,” Jim agreed.

Jim just kept opening packages and smiling his head off. He didn’t want to tell Blair anything, but this was the best birthday he had ever had. Oh hell, maybe he would tell Blair later on.

Once the presents were all done and put aside, Jim said, “More cake anyone?”

Everyone got up for more. Thankfully Blair had made two sheet cakes, so he had plenty, or else he would have had to kill Jim.

When they were done dishing out the cake and ice cream, Jim took Blair into his arms and kissed him with gratefulness.

At that moment, Conner took a picture of the two of them and knew that the boys would be thrilled with a picture of the two of them kissing. Conner knew how much it meant to Blair.

Finally at about 2:00 a.m. everyone started to leave and they said goodbye to each of their guests. The party had been a smash hit, and Blair was walking on air.

Once the door was shut and the loft was back to just Jim and Blair, both of them sighed with exhaustion.

“I don’t know about you, Chief, but I could sleep for a week. And we have to get up tomorrow morning for work,” Jim said.

“We’ve got the day off, Conner switched days off with us. She knew you would be tired after the big night, so she suggested we switch. We okayed it with Simon,” Blair stated.

“Where was I when all of this was happening?” Jim asked, almost laughing.

I think it was when you and Rafe were playing the playdoh game,” Blair said.

“I love that playdoh set, I told him thank you like four times. People think that you’re too old for that stuff, but you’re never too old for playdoh,” Jim admitted.

“You are too cute, Jim. Conner took some pictures of you guys playing with the set and she’ll frame one for ya.”

“Chief, I have to tell you this is the best birthday party I’ve ever had. I had such a good time and I think everyone here did too. I know my dad sure liked it. Oh before I forget, you know the wallet that my dad got me? Well, it had $500.00 in it. Do you believe it?” Jim was still excited from the night.

“That’s so cool, what do you think you’re going to do with that money?” Blair wondered.

“I was thinking a new HD Flat screen tv. What do you think of that idea?” Jim asked.

“Oh man, HD basketball games? What could be better? I love the idea. You always said that our tv was enough, so this surprises me,” Blair commented.

“Well when we were at my dad’s the other night, I saw he had one and I figured if he can get one, so can I,” Jim said smiling.

“I’m so glad you had a good time and even happier that all the food was such a big hit. Gosh, we went through a lot of food and drinks. Look at this mess,” Blair said looking around the rooms.

“I can’t sleep with all of this mess; can we clean it up first?” Jim asked.

“Sure, let’s get started,” Blair suggested.

Jim started cleaning up all of the cake dishes and asked, “What kind of cake frosting was that anyhow. It tasted like real whipping cream.”

“It was real whipping cream. I didn’t want to make something too sweet for you, because I know you don’t like bakery cakes that much. So I made my own recipe for the frosting. I got ideas from Conner,” Blair stated.

“It was delicious and I couldn’t have asked for a better cake. Or I guess that would be two cakes. Thank you, Blair.”

“You are most welcome. Now let’s get busy with this clean up, I’m tired.”

The men worked fast and hard and at three thirty, they looked around and saw that everything was done.

“I do believe we are done,” Blair announced.

“Oh goody, it’s time for bed, too bad I’m too tired to attack you,” Jim said sadly.

“You’ve been such a good boy, would you like a blow job tonight?” Blair asked.

“Honestly, I’m too tired to enjoy one, and I hate to waste it. We’ll talk about it in the morning,” Jim suggested.

“I have to tell you that I was really excited about our first PDA,” Blair said.

“PDA?” Jim inquired.

“Public display of affection. You rocked with affection displaying tonight. Thank you,” Blair said.

“When I’m comfortable around people we know, I like PDA. So never be afraid to show it to me, understood?” Jim ordered.

“Yes sir, I understand,” Blair answered.

They boys each got ready for bed and walked up the stairs hand in hand and slid into bed. It wasn’t five minutes later, they were both sound asleep.


At nine o’clock, there was a knock at the door. Jim rolled over looked at the clock and mumbled, “I’m going to kill her.”

“Is it Conner?” Blair asked sleepily.

“Yes, its Conner and she keeps knocking. She won’t go away,” Jim said as he started to get out of bed and pull his sleep pants on.

Blair got up too, tamed his hair a little bit and put on sleep pants and followed Jim down the stairs.

Jim opened up the door and said, “What?”

“Hi guys, I wanted to stop by with a present,” Conner pushed her way into the loft and stood there waiting for them to reply.

“What present? You gave me a present last night,” Jim said.

“I took some very cool photos of you two last night and I framed them for you while I was doing nothing at my desk at work. I’m supposed to be out on a call right now, so I have to hurry. Here is your belated gift to both of you,” Conner handed them a package that was fairly heavy.

Jim opened it and pulled out four frames. In the frames were pictures of Jim and Blair kissing, Jim and Blair hugging, and two just Jim and Blair smiling at each other. They were fantastic. Jim found himself getting somewhat choked up.

Blair was looking at them after Jim did and said, “Conner, this is the greatest gift anyone could ever give us. Thank you for being such a good friend.”

Jim pulled Conner in for a huge hug and then kissed her cheek. “Thank you,” Jim said quietly.

“I knew you would love them. Now you’ve got some pictures to put up in the loft. I think they turned out rather well. So glad you blokes liked them,” Conner said.

Blair smiled and said, “I think Jim loved them.”

“I do love them, Conner. I could never thank you enough for this. Last night was our first PDA night and you have caught them all on camera so we can remember them forever. I’ll owe you for this,” Jim stated.

“Well, I have to meet Rafe and Brown at the sight. They’re probably saying I’m lost right now. Have a good day, guys,” Conner said as she walked out the door.

“Bye Conner,” Blair called out as she got on the elevator.

They shut the door and Blair said, “You looked like you were going to cry for a few minutes. I was afraid I would have to tickle you or something.”

Jim smiled at Blair and said, “I was very moved by her gift. They’re the best presents that anyone has ever thought to give us. She’s the best.”

“Did you see how nice these frames are? She must have stayed up half the night doing this. She really is the best,” Blair commented.

“I love the frames. I was thinking we could give one of the smiling ones to my dad to put at his house. Do you think that’s all right?” Jim asked.

“That would be great. Maybe we could get a print made for my mom too. That way both parents have a picture of us,” Blair suggested.

“Yeah, we’ll make prints up and then frame them with different frames so that we can keep all four in our house from Conner,” Jim said.

“Good thinking. I knew I kept you around for something,” Blair teased.

“I didn’t tell you last night, but my dad told me he loved me when he left. He hugged me and held me very close and whispered, ‘I love you’. I was in shock. I never thought I would ever hear those words from my dad. Shows you what I know,” Jim admitted.

“That’s nice, Jim. I’m really glad that things are working out for your dad and you. Steven too. He looked like he had a good time also,” Blair said.

“Thank you for pushing me into getting together with my dad and my brother. I’m so glad I did. Things are looking up and I’m happier then I’ve ever been. I love you so much,” Jim confessed.

“And I love you. Now let’s go upstairs and do some action, not talking,” Blair teased as he pulled Jim’s hand up the stairs.

Jim followed easily, he was so happy, this day could only get better. And it did.

The end

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