pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

First Time Series: Part 19--FIrst Party with Friends

Warnings: Established relationship and slash.

First Party with Friends
By Patt

Blair woke up happy as hell. He had a dream that they were having a party at the loft and everyone saw how happy they were. He hoped this was a good sign. He was going to talk to Jim about it and see what he said.

Blair walked down the stairs and found Jim going through the recycle bin, rinsing things out again. He never thought that Blair rinsed them out enough.

“Good morning, Jim.”

Jim looked up, smiled and said, “Good morning, Chief. Did you sleep well?”

“As a matter of fact, I had an excellent dream and I want to talk to you about something,” Blair said.

“Oh no, if you need to discuss the dream, I’m sure it’s something I don’t want to hear. Want some breakfast?” Jim asked, hoping to change the subject.

Blair glared at him and answered, “Don’t think changing the subject is going to help you at all. We’re going to have a discussion about something I would like to do.”

“Oh yeah? What would you like to do? You know there is little I wouldn’t do for you,” Jim swore.

“I’d like to have a party and invite my mom and your dad too. Then we would tell them about us,” Blair suggested.

“What? Are you insane? I don’t need to tell my dad about us at a party,” Jim said sternly.

“Then we’ll tell him ahead of time and invite him. I’d really like to have a party as a couple. Everyone knows about us already, but it would be nice to be open about us. Would you just think about it?”

“Blair, I think that enough people know about us as it is, we don’t need to tell my dad. I don’t know that I ever want to tell my dad,” Jim answered.

Blair looked thoughtful for a moment and then said, “I think you’re dad already knows anyhow.”

“How would my dad already know? He doesn’t know any of the same people we do, and it’s not like he’s seen us together since we’ve been out. So why would you think that?” Jim asked.

“You haven’t been golfing with him again since our first romantic dinner, and believe me he knows,” Blair assured him.

“Did he say he thought that, or is it just something you think he meant?” Jim asked.

“He asked if there was something he needed to know and I told him he would have to ask you about it. He said he would talk to you about it the next time you played golf. So I didn’t make it up, he knows. He’s not a stupid man, Jim.”

“Well, fuck… I really didn’t want to have to deal with that so soon,” Jim said.

“So soon? Jim, we’ve been together for months now. When did you plan on telling him? Or did you just plan on keeping me a secret?” Blair asked angrily.

“Fine, I’ll go see him after work today and talk to him. Then we’ll discuss the party. What is the party for anyhow?” Jim wondered.

“We’ll take separate cars so that you’ll be able to even leave a little early. As for what the party will be for, I was thinking for your birthday. It’s coming up and I would love to throw a party for that. What do you think?” Blair inquired.

“I think we should go to my dad’s house together and talk to him. And if you want to throw me a party for my birthday, that’s fine by me. Do you mind helping me tell my dad?” Jim questioned.

Blair smiled and said, “No, not at all. We’ll go right after work, so call him really fast and see if he’s got plans or not.”

Jim picked up the phone and dialed his dad’s number and waited for him to pick up.


“Hi dad, it’s Jim. I wondered if you’re going to be home around 5:30 tonight, so Blair and I could come and talk to you about something.”

“That would be very nice. You’ll come for dinner,” William said.

“Dad, I think you should wait and see what you think of what the subject matter is first,” Jim explained as much as he could without telling his dad.

“Jim, I already know that you and Blair are an item. So just get over here tonight for dinner and we’ll talk about things.”

“Okay, dad. We’ll see you tonight. Bye.”

Jim hung up the phone and had a really odd look on his face.

“So spill, what did he say?” Blair asked almost bouncing in place.

“He already knows about us and asked us over for dinner. It sounded like someone else, not my dad. My dad wouldn’t take this news so well,” Jim said.

“I told you he wasn’t a stupid man. But he probably thought we were an item for a long while. Now we have to tell him that it’s only been months, not years.”

Jim glared at Blair and said, “Stop taking everything in stride. I swear you drive me nuts sometimes.”

“Oh tough toodles Jim. Life is too short to worry about everything the way you do. Now let’s get ready for work and then we’ll be having dinner out tonight.”

Jim laughed and said, “Toodles?”

“Yeah, toodles. Now let’s get ready to go,” Blair ordered.

They got ready for work and drove to the station. They talked about the birthday party on the way.

“So Jim, you’ll go along with any type of party I tell you about?”


“What do you mean no?” Blair asked.

“I mean, if you wanted me to wear a costume, I won’t. If you wanted me to pretend that it’s a surprise party, I won’t. If you wanted me to pretend like I’m thrilled, I’m not going to be. I’ll go along with it, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.”

“Geeze, Jim, you make it sound like I’m trying to kill you or something. I want to have a nice party for you and that’s all. No costumes, no surprise and you do have to act like you’re enjoying yourself. I’m not going to put up with you being an ass and that’s the truth,” Blair stated.

“Okay, you plan it and I’ll show up. You think you’re mom will actually come?” Jim asked.

“It doesn’t really matter, as long as we’re having our first party as a couple, that’s all that matters. Thank you, Jim.”

Jim pulled up in his parking spot at the station and said, “Let me just apologize now for me being a dick while you’re planning this.”

“That’s not allowed. You’re going to be nice and it’s that simple. Now come on let’s get to work,” Blair suggested.


At 5:30 Jim and Blair drove up in front of William’s house and Jim said, “I just hope he doesn’t have a gun in there.”

Blair burst out laughing and said, “I think he’s going to be okay with it, Jim.”

“I don’t understand why he would accept it that easily. My dad doesn’t accept anything easily. You know that much about him,” Jim commented.

“But he’s been trying really hard to become a better dad in the last year or so, so let’s give him a break. Stop making all of the jokes about him. He’s trying. Let’s get in there and see if the gun is loaded,” Blair teased.

“We’re both packing, so he had better watch out,” Jim kidded back.

They walked up to the door laughing and William opened it. “For a moment I thought you weren’t going to come in.”

“The thought crossed my mind, dad. Sorry.”

“Come on in, dinner is on the table. We’re having roast beef, I hope that’s all right with both of you,” William said.

“You know I love roast beef, dad.”

“And I love it too, William. Thank you for having us.”

“So sit down and tell me when you boys finally figured out that you were more then roommates?” William said as he started passing the food to Jim and Blair.

“I’ve got a problem with this, dad. Why are you taking this so well? Years ago this would have thrown you for a loop and now you’re making jokes about it. What’s going on?” Jim asked.

“Years ago, I wasn’t worried about my son. Now I am. I know you’ll be happy with Blair, so I don’t have to worry about you any more. Parents get older and sometimes even get wiser. I did both. Eat…”

They all ate dinner and William talked their legs off. Jim was still in shock. He kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. But it never happened. When they were done eating and visiting, Blair said, “We’re going to have a birthday party next week for Jim. I was hoping that you could come.”

“Oh that would be wonderful, I would love to come. I can’t believe you’re going to be 30 already,” William joked.

“Yeah, right…” Jim said, somewhat in shock. His dad not only was coming, but he was making jokes too.

Jim said, “Well, we need to get home, dad. We’ve both got paperwork that needs to be looked over before court tomorrow. So thank you for having us, it was delicious. I didn’t even know you cooked.”

“I cook all the time, Jim. You boys have to come over once a week. It would do you good. Oh who am I fooling, it would do me good. How about Sunday evenings? You could come every Sunday if you had time,” William offered.

Blair perked up immediately and said, “We’d love to make Sunday nights a routine. That would be great. You and Jim could maybe golf in the mornings from time to time, too.”

“Blair, I really like you. You’re good for him and you’re good for this old man. You’ve made me feel really happy. Thank you,” William shook Blair’s hand and Blair shook it back.

“See you at my party dad,” Jim said.

“Blair, call me with the time and theme,” William said.

“Will do, William. Talk to you soon,” Blair said as he walked out the door.

They got into the truck and Jim said, “Theme? What fucking theme? There is going to be no theme, do you understand?”

“Yes sir, I do,” Blair teased.

“I mean it, Blair. I don’t want any stupid theme. I just want friends over and beer,” Jim suggested.

“You got it, big guy. Now let’s get home to do that paperwork you talked about,” Blair said wiggling his eyebrows up and down. Needless to say, there was no paperwork.


The day of Jim’s birthday, everyone from the bullpen was calling and asking if they could bring anything. Blair told everyone it was all covered. Blair was so excited that he could hardly see straight.

They had been off, so he had been cooking and baking all frigging day long, he was almost ready for a nap. Jim on the other hand went to the store three times for beer, more beer and at last ice. He had cleaned up the loft really nicely, but other then that, he’d been no help what-so-ever.

“Blair, you need to calm down. You’re heartbeat is going way too fast, what’s wrong?”

“I’m just excited. This is our first party as a couple and I want everyone to see how happy we are and how good we are for each other. I really want people to accept us as a couple,” Blair said seriously.

“We’ll be fine. They’ll all have a good time, they’ll eat all of your food and eat the cake and rave about it. Everything is going to be great,” Jim assured him.

Blair kissed Jim and said, “I love when you take control.”

“Now relax and let’s get this stuff ready. Everyone will be here soon,” Jim said, busying himself with all things that he should have been doing during the day.


That night, everyone was having a good time. Naomi had even showed up and was entertaining William for Jim. Steven showed up with his girlfriend.

Brown, Rafe, Joel, Simon and Conner couldn’t stop raving about how good the food was. Then William talked about how perfect the cake was. Not like a dry cake from the bakery, but one that was made ten minutes before.

“That’s because he just made it,” Jim joked.

Everyone laughed and William hugged his son. Jim was totally shocked at the hug. The timing was off, as far as Jim was concerned. But he decided to accept it, even if it was late in life.

Blair wanted to kiss and hug Jim quite a few times, but never felt comfortable enough to do it. Jim seemed to be a little uptight and Blair didn’t want to push him.

TBC…20. First PDA
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