pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

First Time Series: Part 17--First Separation

Warnings: Slash, bad language.

First Separation
By Patt

Simon opened up his office door and bellowed, “Sandburg, my office.”

Blair started to get up and Jim went to follow him and Simon said, “Just Sandburg.”

Jim sat back down and wondered what Blair had done this time. He would just have to wait to see what the boy wonder did to piss Simon off.

Blair walked in and said, “Hi Simon, what’s up?”

“Shut the door and sit down,” Simon ordered.

Blair shut the door and sat down quickly. He figured that something had happened to his mom.

“Stop worrying, Sandburg, it’s nothing bad,” Simon said almost smiling. Almost being the key word.

“So what’s up?” Blair asked.

“There is a convention for profiler’s in San Francisco and you’ve been asked to attend. The FBI was quite impressed with you the last case you worked on and they would like you there. Just you, Jim won’t be going.” Simon decided to tell him straight up that Jim was staying here.

“He’s not going to like it, Simon,” Blair stated quietly.

“I know that. Don’t you know this is going to come back and bite me in the ass? But do you want to go to this thing or not? Not everyone gets asked to attend. It’s a great honor, Blair.”

Blair looked at Simon and knew he had to go. It was as simple as that. It was an honor, and Blair wasn’t going to give it up just because he would miss Jim. They could call each other every night and send email every day. Things would be just fine. “Simon, I’ll go.”

“Good for you, Sandburg. For a moment I thought you were going to pass it up,” Simon said.

“For a moment I thought about it, but when you called me Blair, I knew how important it must be,” Blair teased.

“I call you Blair sometimes, so stop giving me grief about that. Now you have the wonderful job of telling your partner that you’re leaving tomorrow morning,” Simon stated with a smile.

“Tomorrow morning? Holy shit, I need to do laundry. I’m not prepared for this at all, Simon. Maybe I should rethink this,” Blair stammered.

“You and Jim take off for the day. You can get laundry done, tell him your news and then have some alone time tonight. Here is your ticket for tomorrow morning. I already called and confirmed. Now get out of here,” Simon kidded.

“Thank you again, Simon for giving me this chance. You’re the best.” Blair was up and out the door like a flash.

Simon laughed as he slammed the door shut. Jim was going to be so pissed off. This seemed to brighten Simon’s day up just a little bit.


“What’s up, Chief?” Jim asked as Blair was getting his stuff together to go home.

“We get to go home right now, so let’s get this show on the road. I’ll tell you all about things on our way home,” Blair said still putting things into his backpack.

Jim grabbed his jacket and said, “I’m ready.”

Blair rolled his eyes. “Only you would take all of two seconds to get ready to go. Come on, let’s get out of here.”

They both got ready and went down to the truck and pulled out of the parking lot quickly. “Okay, what’s going on?” Jim asked.

“Don’t be upset, but I’m leaving for a week starting tomorrow morning. I’m going to San Francisco for a Profiler Convention. The FBI asked for me to attend. Simon said they didn’t ask anyone else from the station. Just me,” Blair said beaming with pride.

“So you’re just leaving, there is no talking about it?” Jim inquired.

Blair glared at Jim and said, “No, there is no talking about it. It’s a once in a life time situation and I’m jumping at the chance to go. I’m going to learn so much stuff I can use with you and I can’t wait. I thought you would be happy for me.”

“Oh yeah, I’m fucking thrilled about being left behind,” Jim whined.

“Jim, we’ll talk to each other every night and email each other every day, isn’t that good enough for me to be able to go?” Blair asked hopefully.

“You’re right, Chief. I’m being a dick. Congratulations on being chosen to go. I hope you have a good time,” Jim declared.

Blair smiled and said, “We’re going to have an excellent time tonight, if you catch my drift.”

“I caught it and can’t wait. But it has to last us seven days, I’m not too wild about that part. Do you realize we’ve done it every day since we’ve been together?” Jim questioned.

“Not every day, there were a couple of off nights when we didn’t do anything but snuggle. So we’ll make it, Jim.”

“I know we will, but I’m going to miss you like mad,” Jim confessed.

“You are so fucking cute. For that we’re going to do it twice tonight to make it last longer,” Blair said.

“Sounds good to me,” Jim agreed.


After the laundry got done, Jim took Blair upstairs and made love to him slow and very sexy. Blair kept begging but Jim wasn’t listening to him. He was going to make Blair remember what exactly he was missing for the entire week. It was working.

When they were done, Blair said, “You did that on purpose didn’t you?”

“What?” Jim asked.

“You made love to me so perfect that there is no way I could forget you all the days that I’m gone. You fucked me the best you ever have. I love you so much,” Blair confessed.

“I love you back,” Jim said as he kissed him and held him close. He loved Blair more then he could ever express and he just hoped that Blair understood that. He was almost certain that Blair knew exactly how he felt about him.

They took a power nap and woke up refreshed and ready to go again. Jim was the top again, he had to have Blair as much as he could, and Blair seemed to understand that too.

By midnight, Jim was exhausted and so was Blair. They both slept like babies and woke up first thing in the morning to the alarm clock.

“Oh Christ, is it already 6:00?” Blair asked.

“That it is,” Jim teased.

They both got up and took a shower together and Blair had a lot of fun in the shower, making Jim beg for release. Jim loved when Blair took control in the shower, and he was doing a mighty fine job.

Before long it was time for Blair to go to the airport and Jim drove him. Blair said, “Now remember to ask Conner to help you with your senses if you need her.”

“I will, don’t worry so much. You were fine last night, what’s going on with you today?” Jim asked.

“I’m just missing you already and I haven’t even left yet. I love you so much, big guy,” Blair said sweetly.

“And I love you that much back, Blair.”

Jim dropped him off at the unloading section of the airport and Blair hugged Jim so hard that Jim almost got his breath taken away.

“You’ll be back in one week, Blair. Call me tonight. I’ll be home after 7:00. Have a safe trip and have fun learning new procedures,” Jim said.

Blair kissed him once more before he grabbed his bag and took off for the door. He didn’t look back and Jim knew that he was sad about leaving him. So he didn’t call out after him, he didn’t want to make things worse.

What was Jim going to do without Blair for a week?


That night the phone rang and Jim answered, “Hi Chief.”

“I got here safe and sound, I thought I would let you know,” Blair teased.

“I called the airport and checked already, so I knew you were there,” Jim said.

“What did you do today?” Blair asked.

“Nothing but paperwork and more paperwork. It was fucking boring. We didn’t get one call all day long. I swear when you want it to be busy, it’s dead,” Jim kidded.

“I’ve already been to one of the panels this afternoon, and I’ve learned a lot about different procedures. I was the only one there for this one, so hopefully that will change soon. This is going to be fun, but I still miss you like crazy. I’m going to bed early tonight so I’m not going to talk long. Do you mind?”

Jim smiled and answered, “No, that’s fine. I’m tired tonight too. I’m going to watch some television and go to bed soon myself. You have a good day tomorrow and we’ll talk to you tomorrow night.”

“Night, babe,” Blair said.

“I love you,” Jim said.

“And I love you,” Blair responded.

Jim was heartsick when Blair hung up the phone, but he knew that Blair had to do this and Jim needed to be strong for Blair.


The next afternoon Jim was getting ready to go home when he got a text message from Blair.

J, I’m going out with the other guys tonight, so I won’t be calling. I’ll call you in the morning when I get up. Love, B.

Jim grabbed his jacket, and almost ran from the building. He was so pissed off he couldn’t see straight. Conner caught up to him and said, “Bad news?”

“Blair has plans tonight and won’t be calling. He’s busy,” Jim whined.

“So let’s go out for dinner and a movie. You don’t have to stay home and feel sorry for yourself. You have friends. You can have plans too,” Megan suggested.

“Okay, you talked me into it. He should be able to have a good time while he’s there, I was just feeling sorry for myself. How does Claim Jumper sound?” Jim asked.

“Are you paying, because if you’re paying, it sounds fantastic,” Megan teased.

“Yeah, I’m paying tonight, you can pay tomorrow night if you’re not doing anything. I have a feeling Blair is going to be super busy with this convention. I’d rather not whine to him and just keep busy myself,” Jim suggested.

“Do you want to meet at the loft? Or should I meet you at Claim Jumper?” Megan inquired.

“We can meet at the loft and then we’ll drive to and from together. Thanks, Megan,” Jim said.

The two of them went out to eat and had a great time. They saw a movie and before long it was ten o’clock. When he got home he was beat. He didn’t even see the light blinking on the phone when Blair had called at 7:00.


The phone rang at 6:00 and Jim pulled it to his ear and said, “Ellison.”

“Hey, you didn’t call me back, so I was worried,” Blair said.

“I didn’t get home until ten and then I went right to bed. I didn’t even check the messages because you said you were going to call this morning. Is everything all right?” Jim was somewhat alarmed from the sound of Blair’s voice.

“No, I miss you. I missed you last night too. I left the party they were having because they bored the hell out of me, plus two of the guys tell gay jokes right and left. They don’t know I’m gay to say the least. Anyhow, I went back to my room and called you but you weren’t home. I got a little worried,” Blair explained.

“I’m sorry, Blair. I went out with Conner. We went to dinner and a movie because I was feeling sorry for myself. I’m so sorry I wasn’t here for the call. Why didn’t you call me on my cell?” Jim wondered.

“I did, it went right to voice mail,” Blair explained again.

“Oh fuck, I forgot to turn it on after I turned it off at the movie. I’m sorry, babe. I should have been here for you,” Jim said sadly.

“I’m coming home tomorrow,” Blair said quickly.

“Why? You wanted to go to this convention more then anything, what’s wrong?” Jim asked.

“It started out okay, but all these people do are party all day and night. They rarely go to the panels and it’s no fun being the only one showing up at a panel for the day. It’s a waste of my time and my time is worth more then that. Then they keep making the remarks about the fags doing this and the fags doing that since we’re in San Francisco and I’ve had enough. I told Agent Walker that I would be leaving and why. He totally understood. He said he’s very disappointed with the group that was there. I was the only one that went to the panels. That’s pretty fucking sad when you think about it,” Blair said.

Jim smiled and said, “What time tomorrow? Why can’t it be today?”

“I couldn’t get a flight out until tomorrow, so I’m going to sit through a panel by myself again today and then leave first thing in the morning. My flight will be there at 2:00 p.m. Can you pick me up?” Blair teased.

“I’ll not only pick you up, I’ll take some time off so we can do some things here at the house. I’ve missed you so much, Blair. I never thought it would be this hard,” Jim admitted.

“I know, I totally agree, man. So we’ll see you tomorrow. I’m not going to call tonight, just because I have panels and I’m packing. But if I do call, will you be home?” Blair inquired.

Jim laughed and said, “I’ll be here, Chief. You call whenever you feel like it. I’ll be waiting. I miss you so much.”

“I never dreamed I would miss you this much. I mean I feel like I can’t go on sometimes. Okay, that’s pretty melodramatic, but I do miss you like mad.”

“I have to get ready for work, Chief, so I better go.”

“Have a good day at work. Tell Simon I said hello when you ask him for time off,” Blair kidded.

“Will do. I love you, Chief.”

“I love you. See you tomorrow or talk to you tonight. Maybe both,” Blair joked some more.

“Bye,” Jim said as he hung up the phone. He always hated letting Blair get off the line because Blair was his lifeline to everything. He couldn’t wait for him to get home. Jim bounced out of bed to get ready for work. He was happier then he’d been in ages.


“Simon, do you have a minute?” Jim called out from the doorway.

“Yeah, come on in. My coffee just finished, grab your cup.”

Jim went back and got his coffee cup and waited for the good brew from Simon, instead of the sludge he had to tolerate from the break room. He sat down and waited for Simon to pour his coffee.

“Are your arms broken, Jim?” Simon asked, regarding the coffee.

Jim got up and poured himself a cup of Java and sat back down again. “I have a favor to ask.”

“I already know that Blair is coming home tomorrow Agent Walker called to apologize for the inconvenience that Blair had to deal with. He said that Blair was going to get the plaque for being there, even though he didn’t stay for the entire thing. He mentioned something about Blair being the only person who showed up for the panels. I would be kicking ass and taking names if I was him,” Simon explained.

“Yeah, Blair was pretty put off by all of that, but he also had to deal with a bunch of bigots who hate gays. So Blair was very uncomfortable. Anyhow, can I have tomorrow and the next day off to welcome him home?” Jim asked wiggling his eyebrows, making Simon cough up some of his coffee.

“There is no choking in this office, so don’t do things like that to me,” Simon said laughing.

“So what do you say?”

“I think you can both have the next three days off. That third day is your day off anyhow. So have fun,” Simon said as he pushed Jim out of the office.

Jim beamed all the way to his desk. He couldn’t wait for 5:00 to come. He was going to wait at home for Blair’s call and then surprise him the next day with their days off. Jim hoped he and Blair never had to be separated again, because he hadn’t liked it one bit and he knew that Blair hadn’t liked it either.

Now things were going to be back to normal, or as normal as Jim and Blair ever were. Life was good.

The end
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