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First Times Series: Part 12--First Illness

Warnings: Slash and bad language.

First Illness
By Patt

Jim woke up feeling somewhat off, and heard Blair on the phone downstairs.

“Simon, Jim won’t be coming in today. I’m going to be about an hour late because I need to get him fed and get him set up for the day. He’s got a fever and we need to nip this in the bud.”

“Sounds good, Sandburg, we’ll see you when you get here. Tell Jim I hope he feels better soon.”

Blair hung the phone up, got the breakfast tray ready to go and headed up the stairs. Jim was awake, but just lying there looking listless.

“I have breakfast for you and juice with aspirin. You’ve got a 101 degree fever and we need to get that taken care of first thing. Do you feel like you’re coming down with a cold?” Blair asked.

“I don’t know. I just don’t feel right. Something is off, but I can’t pin point it. The fever is making my senses go off the chart,” Jim stated.

“Maybe I should stay home with you today,” Blair commented.

“Don’t be silly, Blair, I’m not a child. You go to work and I’ll be here when you get off. What did you bring me for breakfast?”

Blair grabbed the breakfast tray and set it up over Jim’s legs and said, “You’ve got Oatmeal with brown sugar and two slices of toast. I made you a sandwich for lunch, so all you have to do is go down and get it at lunch time. Eat up, now.”

Jim ate the Oatmeal and toast and didn’t mess with his Guide about it. Jim knew better then to argue with Blair if he was in charge. He was definitely in charge today.

“Do you need anything more before I have to leave?” Blair asked.

“No, I’m fine, Chief. You go and catch up on the paperwork,” Jim teased.

“If I didn’t know better I’d say you were doing this on purpose,” Blair kidded back.

“I have to sleep for awhile. See you when you get home,” Jim snuggled back into the covers and was sleeping almost immediately.

Blair was a little concerned about Jim but knew that Jim was an adult and would call him if he got worse. Blair did the dishes, got more juice made and then got ready to go to work.


Blair was at his desk wanting to call Jim so bad, but didn’t want to wake him up when his phone rang and he answered, “Sandburg.”

“Hey Chief.”

“Hi Jim, I’ve been dying to call and check on you but was afraid to wake you up. How are you feeling?”

“I feel like crap. I took more aspirin and it helps for a short time, but then the fever comes back. I have no idea what this is,” Jim explained.

“Are you in any pain or anything?” Blair asked.

“No, just headache and fever. When are you coming home? I hate sleeping by myself,” Jim whined.

“I’ll ask Simon if I can take off soon,” Blair replied.

“Thanks, Chief. I’ll talk to you later,” Jim hung up the phone before Blair even got a goodbye out.

Blair was actually quite worried about Jim. He didn’t usually run fevers and he didn’t have any cold symptoms, so what was it? Blair walked up to Simon’s door and knocked.

Simon opened up the door and said, “Oh let me guess who wants to go home and check up on his partner.”

“Can I?” Blair asked.

“Yeah, it’s really quiet today and the gang can take care of things. I hope Jim feels better soon.”

“Do you think we could both be off tomorrow if he’s not? I’m worried about him,” Blair figured he could at least ask. The worst thing Simon could say was no.

“Sure, we’ll see you the day after tomorrow. Get him better quick,” Simon patted Blair on the shoulder and then pushed him over towards his desk. Blair knew that it was Simon’s way of showing he cared.


Jim lay in bed wondering how long it would be before Blair got home when he heard Blair’s car drive up in the parking lot. He instantly felt a lot better just knowing that Blair would by lying next to him on the big bed. Jim had been lonely all day long.

Jim heard Blair come in the front door and hang up his jacket. Then he took off his shoes and started up the stairs.

Jim was lying in the bed all cuddled up with the blankets, shivering when Blair got up there.

“Jim, did you take any aspirin for the fever?” Blair went over and felt Jim’s forehead and then took out the stick-on’s for Jim’s forehead. They were very handy thermometers. Blair was afraid of what the temperature would actually say. After it turned the second color, Blair looked and it said 102 degrees.

“Yeah I took some about an hour ago. I was afraid of taking any more then that. My senses are all fine, except my sense of smell. It’s gone. I can’t smell anything,” Jim complained.

“Come on, babe, you’re going to Urgent Care?”

“Just because I can’t smell things? I don’t think so, Blair.”

“No, not because of that, because you’re still running a high grade fever for being on meds and I want a doctor to look at you. So up and at em.”

Blair started pushing Jim out of the bed and Jim finally took the hint that Blair wasn’t going to give up and got out of bed and started to get dressed.

“Does this mean we aren’t going to have sex tonight?” Jim wondered.

“That’s exactly what that means. You’re sick; do you want me to get sick too?” Blair asked.

“No, I wouldn’t push this damn fever on anyone. Not even Carolyn,” Jim said smiling.

“Well, it might do her some good, but you I want to get checked out,” Blair teased about Jim’s ex-wife.

Jim finished getting dressed and walked downstairs to the truck and let Blair do all of the driving. That’s just how shitty he felt.


When Blair and Jim were waiting to see the doctor, Jim’s fever got even higher. Jim turned to Blair and said, “The fever just went up another two degrees.”

Blair shot out of his chair and told the receptionist that Jim’s fever might be in the 104 range and did she think him having seizures in the waiting room would look good for the Urgent Care. It was funny how quickly they got Jim into a room in the back.

The nurse came in and took his temperature and said, “I don’t know how you knew how high it was, but it is 103.4. I’ll have the doctor in to see Mr. Ellison as soon as possible.” She walked out of the room and Blair started to worry his lip.

“Blair calm down, it’s just a cold or something,” Jim assured Blair.

“It’s still fucking scary. I don’t want to hear how it’s nothing. Anything that takes one of your senses away is something. Why didn’t you tell me that this morning?” Blair asked.

“I didn’t want you to worry too much. Like you’re doing right now,” Jim said.

The door opened and a doctor walked in saying, “Hello Mr. Ellison, my name is Doctor Spenser.”

“Hi Doc,” Jim answered.

“So what do we have here?” Doctor Spenser started looking at the file.

Blair decided to get right into it. “Jim has keen sense of smell and he didn’t bother to tell me that it’s gone along with the fever spiking right and left.”

“Let me have a look at your throat and nose area and we’ll see what we can figure out,” The doctor said.

He examined Jim for about fifteen minutes and he said, “You’ve got swelling in your sinus area and your one ear is swollen. I think you have a sinus infection, so we’re going to start you on Antibiotics and pain relievers for the fever and we’ll hope to get this under control in a day or so.”

Blair said, “Does he have to take the antibiotics?”

“If you want him to get better he does. I’m going to give him a shot right now, and that’s going to help bring the swelling down quickly and painlessly. Are you allergic to Penicillin?”

Jim looked over at Blair and Blair answered, “No, he’s not allergic to that.”

“Good, then we’ll have a shot before you leave and I’ll give you two prescriptions for the swelling and the fever. You can pick them up wherever you need to go with your insurance,” Doctor Spenser said.

“What about the fever being so high?” Blair asked.

“I’m going to give him a strong pain reliever right now to help with the fever. If it spikes up again, warm to almost cool shower for ten minutes and take the Tylenol that I’m giving you.”

Blair seemed fine with this and said, “So when are you giving him the shot?”

“Right now. Do you mind shots, Mr. Ellison?” Doctor Spenser asked.

“No, I’m fine with them. I just want to go home,” Jim added.

Blair asked, “When can he go back to work?”

“In about three days. It’s going to take that long to get over this for his fever and swelling. So are you fine with being off for three days?”

“I guess I don’t have much choice,” Jim answered the doctor.

“Thank you for everything Doctor Spenser, I was very worried about him,” Blair said.

Doctor Spenser told Jim to pull his jeans down for the shot and he gave it to him quickly and then Jim pulled his jeans up right again. “You had every reason to worry about him. At 104-105 degrees, there is that chance that you can start having seizures, so you were very smart to bring him in when you did. Good luck with getting better. Call if anything happens that is out of the ordinary. I’ll be on for the next four days.”

Jim happily walked out the door with a somber Blair following him. When they got to the truck, Jim asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Jim, you should have told me all of this when I asked you things this morning. I could have taken you earlier. You wouldn’t have had to suffer all day long with those damn fevers. Next time I ask you how you’re doing, I want the truth,” Blair ordered.

“Okay, I got it. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry, Jim, just be more careful,” Blair said sweetly.

“I’ll try to be. What are the chances that Simon would let you be off all three days with me?” Jim asked.

“Slim to none. I’ll try to get off early each day, but that’s the best I can promise. Although, I do have tomorrow off with you. If you feel better, I’m going to give you a blow job that will knock your socks off,” Blair said.

“Why would I have socks on?” Jim teased.

“Haven’t I mentioned how sexy you are with your white socks on?” Blair teased back.

“Another first to look forward to. I’m dying for a blow job anyhow. I thought about one all day while I was sick,” Jim said.

“Only you would think about a blow job while having a high fever. If you’re a good boy and eat dinner tonight, I’ll give you one,” Blair promised.

“I’ll be very good, I swear to you,” Jim said smiling.

“Lean against the window and sleep until we get home. I love you, Jim.”

Jim leaned, closed his eyes and answered, “I love you back.”

Blair drove to the pharmacy without any talking so that Jim could rest. Blair knew that Jim was really sick and they needed the meds right away. Blair went to the drive-up window and they told him it would be done in fifteen minutes. So Blair just let Jim sleep while they waited in the car.

Once Blair paid for everything, he drove to the loft and woke Jim up for the ride upstairs. He sure hoped that the elevator was working.

They got upstairs and Blair gave Jim his meds with Orange Juice and then walked him upstairs.

“Rest well Jim, and when you wake up if you’re a little better, you get that surprise we were talking about,” Blair tempted Jim.

“Okay, I promise to be better,” Jim stated.

Blair truly believed if anything, that promise of a blow job was going to make him better then anything.

Blair smiled all the way down the stairs, after he had tucked Jim into bed. Blair realized this was another first. He had never taken care of Jim when he was sick. Jim always did it himself. Blair liked taking care of Jim and Blair was fairly certain that Jim liked being taken care of too.

Blair called Simon and filled him in on what was going on and Simon told Blair to take the next three days off and make sure he got better. Blair smiled and said, “Goodnight, Simon and thank you very much. This will make Jim extremely happy. He’s really been sick.”

“Yeah, I figured that with the doctor telling him he had to be off for three days. Did he happen to give you a paper that says that?” Simon wondered.

“It’s all on the paper they gave us when we left. I’ll give you the original when we come back in three days. Thanks again, Simon.”

“Take good care of him, kid. See you soon,” Simon said as before he hung up the phone.

Blair headed into the kitchen to make Chicken noodle soup and was smiling the entire time. He had three days off to baby Jim and he was going to make Jim happy that they decided to become a couple.

The end
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