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First Time Series: Part 11--First time they meet the ex

THis is the first time Blair sees Carolyn after they've become an item.
Warning: Bitch alert. LOL

First Time They Meet the Ex
By Patt

Jim was at home, fixing the kitchen sink when he heard Blair talking to Carolyn in the hallway. Jim really didn’t need to have to deal with Carolyn that day, the sink was enough.

Jim opened the door and he could see that Blair was taken off guard.

“Hi Jimmy. It’s good to see you, honey,” Carolyn hugged Jim and kissed him on the lips.

Blair wasn’t a happy camper. He knew that some day he would have to deal with the ex, but he didn’t want it so soon after they became an item.

“I was just telling Sandburg here that I was shocked to hear he still lived at the loft. It makes no sense, Jimmy. People are talking,” Carolyn tattled.

“If you knew me at all, you would know that I could care less what people are saying about me. So why even bring it up?” Jim asked.

Blair went into the kitchen and found some things to do while they talked.

“I’m worried about you, because they’re saying terrible things about you and Sandburg. I know they’re not true, but you can’t have people talking about you like that. It’s not right. It makes me look bad too, like I wasn’t able to hold on to my man because he wanted to be with a man,” Carolyn stated.

“So basically you’re upset because it makes you look bad. You’re really not worried about me at all, am I right?” Jim asked very sarcastically.

“Jimmy, that’s not fair. You know that I still love you and will always protect you when and where I can. This is one of the places I just had to say something. It’s time for Sandburg to move out,” Carolyn suggested.

“We’re an item, Carolyn. Put that in your pipe and smoke it,” Jim growled.

“What do you mean you’re an item? Jimmy, you don’t do men,” Carolyn said.

“Carolyn, I was dating a man when I met you. I’m bi. I’ve always been. I like both, but now I’m with Blair,” Jim confessed easily.

“Jimmy, I can’t believe this is true. So the stories are true?”

“Yes, Carolyn they’re true. I told Sandburg that he would eventually have to meet the ex, I guess it’s today,” Jim said angrily.

“What are you talking about, Jimmy. I already know Sandburg. I don’t have to meet him. I know him and I don’t want to talk to him at all,” Carolyn stated.

Blair came out of the kitchen and said, “You’re the ex Carolyn, so you have no right saying you don’t want to see me or talk to me. This is my home.”

“This used to be my home, you perve. I can’t believe you have turned Jimmy into a fag.” Carolyn went and plopped down on the sofa, totally disgusted.

“Carolyn… He’s not a perve and we didn’t turn each other into fags, we already were,” Jim said as calmly as he could.

“What does your father think about this?” Caro asked.

“He doesn’t know yet. We haven’t told everyone, just a few people know. I planned on telling my dad this next weekend,” Jim said.

“Jimmy, you can’t be serious. Your dad will have a stroke and die when he hears the news. You can’t do this to him. It’s time to have Sandburg move out.”

“Caro, I don’t know how to tell you this, but he not only shares my room, but the loft is in his name too. I couldn’t throw him out even if I wanted to,” Jim stated the facts.

“Sandburg, you’re awfully quiet, don’t you have anything to say about William Ellison finding out his son is a fag?” Carolyn was on a roll.

Blair sighed and said, “Stop calling us fags. It’s offensive. William already knows more or less.”

“What are you talking about?” Jim asked Blair.

“When I made you the special dinner, he called me to let me know you were on the way home and he asked if there was anything he needed to know. He knew right then and there that we were an item,” Blair explained.

“You didn’t mention it to me. Why is that?” Jim asked sounding somewhat angry.

“Because we haven’t discussed that yet. We’re still new to all of this and I wanted to take things one step at a time,” Blair answered.

Caro said, “See, he’s not telling you things already. What else has he kept from you?”

“Shut up, Caro.”

“Jim, will it make you feel better to meet my ex?” Blair offered.

“Who?” Jim asked.

“Martin Bates, he’s a teaching assistant at the Uni. He’s a really nice guy, we just didn’t make a good couple,” Blair said.

“You dated Martin, that nice guy that used to come over now and then? You were dating him? How fucking convenient. I supposed you used to have sex in your room with him, right?”

“Jim, why don’t we discuss this later? I just wanted to tell you that you are welcome to meet my ex, just like I’m meeting Carolyn for the first time since we’ve been a couple.”

“I don’t need to meet him, I already know him and I don’t want to know what you did with him,” Jim said angrily.

“Just like I don’t want to know what you and Carolyn did either. I shouldn’t have to be subjected to her bullshit all the time. This is my home too, or at least you said it was. I don’t want Carolyn here. I want her to leave,” Blair said just as angrily as Jim.

“Sandburg, you can’t tell me where to go or when to go. This is Jimmy’s house. I want you to go while I’m here,” Caro said.

“Fuck you, Carolyn. Leave.”

“Jimmy are you going to let him talk to me like that?” She asked Jim.

“Caro leave right now. I need to talk to Blair.”

“Jimmy, I’m not leaving you with the perve.”

“He’s not a perve, so stop calling him that. Now get your purse and leave,” Jim suggested strongly.

Blair smiled when he saw the glare on her face.

“Do you see him smiling? That’s because he’s using you, Jimmy.”

“Maybe I’m using him, Caro. Now get out,” Jim held the front door open for her, glaring the entire time.

“You haven’t heard the end of this, Jimmy. I’ll be back,” Caro said as she walked out the door.

Jim slammed the door shut and Blair said, “I can explain about Martin.”

Jim pulled Blair into his arms and began to kiss him like crazy. “I don’t want to know who you slept with because it makes me crazy. I love you so much, but I don’t like the idea of sharing you, even if it’s in the past. I don’t want him in our lives now and I sure as hell don’t want Caro in our lives ever.”

“This is the first time, I’ve met with Carolyn since we’ve been together and I have to tell you, I really don’t like her. If she called me a fag once more, I was going to gag her and throw her over the balcony,” Blair promised.

Jim started to laugh. “I saw that look in your eye and I don’t blame you. She drove me nuts and she’s my ex. I don’t care if we ever see her again. She’s going to make trouble with my dad, I know that much for sure, but if you’re right, he already knows. And speaking of that, why didn’t you tell me?”

“Jim, we’ve been a little busy here. We’ve had a first date, first kiss, first fight, first misunderstanding, first cuddle, first surprise, first romantic dinner and the first time we fucked, so excuse me if I’ve had my mind on other things.”

“You’re right. Sorry about that, Chief.”

Jim kissed him again and said, “So will we ever be able to be in a room with Caro and be civil?”

“No, I don’t think so. She thinks you’ve hurt her reputation. She doesn’t care about how you feel, its how she feels that’s important.”

“That’s too bad, because she can be a nice woman. Just not now,” Jim teased.

Blair pulled Jim closer to him and said, “I don’t want you around her anyway. There’s too much history. You belong to me, not her.”

“I feel the same way about Martin. So let’s not worry about being friends with either of them, how does that sound?” Jim asked.

“Sounds perfect to me. Now heads up because Henri and Rafe are supposed to be here any minute,” Blair reminded Jim.

At that moment, there was a knock at the door and Jim opened it to Rafe and Brown. “Come on in, guys.”

Both men walked in all sheepish looking and stood there looking at the floor.

Jim said, “Sit down in the living room, we have some things to tell you.”

Both men sat down and still didn’t look at Jim.

Jim sat down opposite them and said, “I hear you’ve been spreading a rumor about me in the station.”

“Hey, it’s not our fault that you were watching someone’s ass in the bullpen,” Henri said defensively.

“Well actually, it was an ass I was watching, but I didn’t want it to be that ass. I was thinking of Sandburg’s ass. We’re together. I just thought I would tell you and clear the air. If you don’t like it, that’s your problem, but don’t make waves for Blair.”

“You’re with Hairboy?” Henri asked, somewhat shocked.

“Yes, I’m with Hairboy,” Jim said.

“I’ll be damned. Now that’s more like it. You two make a great couple, but I didn’t like that you were watching the other guy’s ass,” Brown commented.

“Oh, you’re not the only one that wasn’t happy about it. Blair is still kicking my ass over that one.” Jim smiled at Brown and saw that there would be no problem. Rafe was another story. He still hadn’t said a word.

“So are you going to still have poker parties?” Rafe wondered.

Blair almost laughed before he answered, “Of course we’re going to have parties. We just don’t know when yet. We just stated this business and want to keep it low key for now. Can you keep it to yourselves?”

“Neither of you seem to mind, why is that?” Jim asked.

“We’ve always thought that the two of you should be together. So this is perfect in our eyes. Good luck, guys. We’ll see you later.” Both Brown and Rafe got up and walked out the door.

Jim and Blair didn’t say much after the door was shut.

“Wanna fool around?” Blair asked.

Jim smiled at his lover and said, “You couldn’t drag me away. I love you.”

“I love you.” Blair took Jim’s hand and they walked up the stairs, hand in hand.

Things were going to work out just fine and they both felt like celebrating.

The end

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