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First Time Series: Part 10--First Intimate Encounter

Warnings: Slash-bad language

First Intimate Encounter
By Patt

The next morning, Jim woke up first, naked and hard as a rock, lying right next to a very naked Blair. Jim just stared at him for as long as he could, before Blair woke up and took the fun part away from him.

At that very moment Blair woke up and smiled at Jim. “Are you staring at my naked body?”

“Why yes, I am,” Jim answered.

Blair snuggled up close to Jim and could feel both of their hard-on’s and he was happy about that.

“Jim, I’d love for you to fuck me,” Blair said quietly.

Jim smiled at Blair and said, “I would love to make love to you. But I want to be sure we’re ready.”

“Jim, I don’t know about you, but I’ve been ready for the last week or so. This has been the longest dating experience of my life. I want some real sex at the end of this date.”

Jim laughed and teased, “You think you deserve something fun?”

“I’ve been a very good boy. Ask anyone,” Blair kidded back.

“No one had better know if you’ve been a good boy or not. That’s only for me and you. Understood?” Jim asked quickly.

“Oh yeah, I get it. I belong to you and no one else. I’m down with that, man.”

Jim pulled Blair closer to him and started to kiss him. Blair pulled away and said, “I need to make a pit stop and brush my teeth. I’ll be right back.”

Jim smiled as he watched his mate walk naked to the stairway. Blair had to have the nicest ass he had ever seen on anyone, male or female. It was that outstanding. Jim was getting harder thinking about that ass, and that wasn’t going to work either because Jim had to piss and brush his teeth also.

Jim started down the stairs as Blair was coming up them. Blair ran his hand over Jim’s penis and said, “Nice.”

Jim laughed all the way down the stairs. Blair was a pistol in or out of bed. Jim could hardly wait to get back upstairs again and make love to him.

After he was finished, he washed up and went back up the stairs again. Blair was lying on the top of the comforter naked and very hard.

Jim slid onto the bed next to Blair and began to kiss Blair’s neck. Jim knew that it was a special hot spot for Blair. He always lost control whenever Jim started kissing his neck. This was no exception. Blair was already squirming around and moaning and all Jim was doing was kissing his neck.

The two men started touching each other, making the other one wild with need and Jim finally said, “You better let go of me, or I’m going to be done with before we ever get started.”

Blair laughed and said, “I love a man that knows his limitations. Fuck me, big guy.”

Jim reached into the drawer in the night stand and got the lube and a condom. He began to prepare Blair carefully, but still very sexily and before long, Jim went between Blair’s legs and pulled Blair’s legs up around his waist as he guided his dick to Blair’s tight, hot, opening.

The two of them were working as a team the entire time that Jim entered Blair. Jim wouldn’t move too much until he saw signs from Blair that it was time to move on. And Blair tried not to push Jim any further then he needed to be pushed. Once they were both on the same page, Jim started thrusting harder and harder. Blair was talking to Jim about how much he loved him and Jim smiled at how talkative his lover was. Jim hadn’t said a word yet, and Blair was talking in paragraphs.

When Jim angled a little differently and thrust down, he hit Blair’s sweet spot, and Jim only thought Blair had been talking a lot before that. Now Blair was begging for release and telling Jim how much he loved him. Jim was getting even more turned on by this, if that was at all possible. Before long, Jim reached down and started fisting Blair’s cock and within a few moments Blair came howling Jim’s name, throwing his head back, practically begging Jim to bite his neck. Jim did just that. As he bit him gently, he pounded into Blair even harder and came throwing his head back the same way.

Jim lay on top of Blair and tried to get his breathing under control and finally said, “That was so fun.”

Blair laughed and answered, “You think?”

Jim finally started slipping out of Blair and he pulled the rest of the way out and got up to get wipes to clean them both off. Jim started cleaning Blair off and Blair said, “Wow, that’s what I call service.”

“With a smile, even,” Jim added.

“You don’t talk much when you make love do you?” Blair asked.

“Does that bother you?” Jim wondered.

“No, I just wondered if you’ve ever been a talker, or do you have to work up to it?” Blair said.

“I’m not a talker, Blair. It bothers you, I can tell.”

“Well, it would have been nice if you said you loved me while you were having your wicked way with me,” Blair teased.

“I love you. I should have said that then, I wasn’t thinking. God knows I wasn’t thinking with my big head anyhow,” Jim joked back.

“I love you. Has anyone ever told you, what a great fucker you are?” Blair asked.

Jim blushed and said, “No, never. This is a first for me. First time, anyone ever told me I was a good fucker. Thank you.”

“Never?” Blair inquired again.

“Never, I would have remembered that. No one ever complained, but they never made me feel like you just did,” Jim explained.

“So, was it worth the wait, Jim?”

“Yes, Blair, it was worth the wait. I had an excellent time fucking your brains out.”

Blair kissed Jim and then they began to snuggle on the bed. Jim reached down and pulled the blanket up over them and said, “I need a power nap. I’m old.”

“Old, smold. You sure as hell don’t fuck like an old man,” Blair kidded.

“Well, we’ll talk about it when we get up from the power nap. I love you, Blair.”

“And I love you, Jim.”

Before long they were both sound asleep and both men looked very happy and content.


When Jim woke up, he was alone in the bed. He wasn’t wild about that. He got up and walked down the stairs and found Blair making breakfast wearing Jim’s robe. Jim smiled at how big it was on him, but yet how cute Blair looked in it.

“Hey, Chief.”

“Hey yourself. Get something on so I don’t burn breakfast staring at you,” Blair said smiling.

“You’re wearing my robe,” Jim reminded him.

“Oh yeah, here.” Blair took off the robe and handed it to Jim. He then walked into his old room and got his robe and put it on. Then he began to work on breakfast again.

There was a knock at the door and Jim listened and smelled and said, “It’s Conner.”

Jim opened up the door and said, “What?”

“Oh wow, someone got very lucky last night or was it this morning?” Conner asked.

Jim blushed and she laughed and said, “Oh man, it was this morning. Cool, I’m just in time to interrupt you boys.”

“What are you doing here?” Blair asked.

“I think I need to look and see if there is a wild animal, because your neck looks really bad. Jimbo, what did you do to him?” Conner loved teasing Jim.

Blair said, “Do you want to have breakfast with us or not?”

“Oh I would love to have breakfast with you blokes. Move aside Jimbo, I’m starving.” Conner pushed Jim aside and sat down at the table.

Jim just stood there in shock. He couldn’t believe that Blair had just invited Conner to eat with them.

Blair came around the counter and grabbed Jim and hugged him. He whispered, “You and I will have all day together. It doesn’t hurt to be nice to our friend. And she accepts us the way we are. Not everyone will do that.”

Jim smiled back and him and whispered, “I love you.”

“Now that’s the way to start a morning,” Blair said as he started to dish the food up.

Conner said, “I have today off and wondered if you guys wanted to see a movie with me.”

“How could we all be off on the same day?” Jim asked.

“Because I called in sick, that’s why,” Conner said.

“Why?” Jim questioned.

“Because Rafe and Brown are being assholes and I didn’t want to have to deal with them today,” Conner explained.

“Is it about me?” Jim asked.

“As a matter of fact it is. But they’re being close minded fucking assholes and I don’t need it today.”

Blair said, “Conner, we don’t need you to take care of us. Jim and I will handle it. Don’t worry so much.”

“I’m not worried, I just hate bigotry. I really thought Henri was above that,” Conner commented.

“Henri is just surprised, that’s all. It threw him for a loop. I’ll talk to him tomorrow.”

“Breakfast is wonderful, Sandy. Thank you.”

“You are most welcome. Now I hate to be a dick head, but could you leave?” Blair asked.

Conner laughed and said, “Boy oh boy, you give the man sex and it goes right to his head. Oh, I made a sex joke.”

Jim said, “It was nice of you to worry about us, but we’re going to do just fine. I’ll talk to Henri and take care of things. You go back to work.”

“Okay, I will go back to work since no one will go to a movie with me,” Conner teased.

Jim opened up the door and said, “Better get while the getting’s good. Blair looks about ready to throw you over the balcony.”

Conner laughed all the way out the door and into the hallway. “You two guys are too much. Talk to you tomorrow.”

Jim shut the door and said to Blair, “Alone at last.”

“How about a repeat of what we did this morning?” Blair asked.

“I would love that,” Jim said.

“Race ya.” Blair ran all the way up the stairs. Jim took his time, because he was an old man after all and this old man had a lot of things to show Blair before he was through.

The end
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