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The First Times Series: Part 9--First Confession of Love

Warnings: Slash

First Confession of Love
By Patt

Jim knew that each passing day was getting closer and closer to him and Blair finally doing something about their relationship. They were going to have to go one step further then they were right now. It was time. Jim felt the need to tell Blair tonight that things were moving forward at a nice pace and how he felt about Blair. He was in love with the man. But did Blair love him back? He hated to be the one that said it first, in case Blair didn’t feel the same way about him. It was something to think about, that was for sure.

Jim was sitting at his desk in the bullpen, thinking again about Blair and how much he adored the man. This was going to have to change. Jim couldn’t seem to keep his mind on work at all. They needed to talk. They would do it tonight.

Jim glanced over at Blair and smiled at the man who owned his heart and Blair smiled back. It was one of those smiles that promised many things, most of them couldn’t be talked about in the bullpen. Yes, Jim knew he was going to have to talk to Blair tonight.


As they drove home that night, Jim kept looking at Blair to see if he looked any different. Jim wondered if he looked any different to Blair, now that he was in love. He would have to ask him.

Blair saw Jim staring at him and said, “Is something on your mind, Jim?”

“Yeah, I want to talk to you when we get home. It’s important,” Jim answered.

“Is everything all right?” Blair asked nervously.

“Everything is just fine, Blair. Not to worry.”

“Good, then we’ll talk when we get home. What’s on the agenda for tonight?” Blair asked wiggling his eyebrows up and down.

“I was thinking we could sleep in the same bed tonight. Still not going all the way, but cuddling to the next degree. What do you think?” Jim asked.

“I think it sounds like a hell-of-an-idea. I’ve wanted to sleep in your bed for ages now,” Blair confessed.

“Good, we’re on the same page then. If things go well, maybe tomorrow morning we could see about doing some other things that we would like to do,” Jim said dancing around the actual words.

“Jim, if you’d like to fuck me tomorrow, then just say it. Do you want to?”

“Yes, I want to. We’re going to be off tomorrow, so we can sleep in and have sex for the first time. Are we taking away from it by planning it?” Jim wondered.

“Maybe a little bit. Let’s just see what happens overnight. We’ll see where we should go from there,” Blair suggested.

The rest of the drive home was spent discussing cases at work and friends and family.

Before long they arrived home and they walked up the stairs holding hands and ran into Mrs. Marshall from down the hall.

“Hello Mrs. Marshall,” Blair said kindly.

“Humph…” She said as she walked into her apartment.

“I don’t think she was too pleased with us,” Jim appraised.

“Tough shit. The old wind bag,” Blair teased.

Jim burst out laughing and they walked into the loft apartment. Jim couldn’t believe how Blair always made him feel better about everything.

As soon as the door was shut, Jim pulled Blair into his arms and kissed him with much passion and need.

“Keep that up buddy and we’re never going to make it until after dinner,” Blair warned.

“I’ll make dinner tonight. You rest and watch the news. You can fill me in on it later,” Jim offered.

“That would be very nice. What are we having for dinner?” Blair asked.

“Hamburgers,” Jim said beaming with happiness. He loved burgers more then almost anything.

“Do you need any help?” Blair wondered.

“Nope, I’ve got it. Sit down and relax. I’ll call you when dinner is done,” Jim said pushing Blair onto the couch.

Blair sat down and before long fell asleep. He’d gotten up really early that morning and he was so tired all day long. Now was his chance to get a cat nap.

Jim smiled at his sleeping partner and went out to the balcony and lit the grill for the hamburgers. While it heated up, he got busy and made a nice salad for both of them. Then he cooked the hamburgers, got everything set on the table and went over to the couch and knelt down next to the sleeping man and said, “Chief, did you want to eat tonight?”

“Oh man, I’m sorry. I didn’t even catch any of the news. I was really tired tonight. Dinner smells good, Jim.”

Jim helped him up and led him into the dining room. Blair sat down and thanked the heavens for giving him this wonderful man.

They ate in silence, because it’s hard to carry on a conversation while eating a hamburger. While they cleaned up the mess in the kitchen, they talked again about some cases at work. Sometimes it was very nice having your working partner at home with you at night. They figured out something they had both puzzled over and Jim called Simon to tell him the news.

It was indeed a good night.

Jim joined Blair on the sofa and said, “Mind if I join you?”

Blair laughed and said, “Like I would let you be anywhere else.”

Jim smiled then too and kissed Blair. He could taste the onions, the tomato and the lettuce that Blair had used on his sandwich. They all tasted good. Jim loved the smell and taste of Blair. Jim sometimes felt like devouring his Guide. He tasted that damn good.

“Do I need to brush my teeth?” Blair asked, being the overly nice guy that he was.

“I like the flavors of dinner and you. The blend is very nice. I like the way you taste,” Jim said.

“You’re such a sicko. I probably have onion breath and you’re saying how good I taste. What am I going to do with you?” Blair teased.

Jim began to nibble on his neck and said, “What do you think about lying upstairs and watching television up there for a change?”

“Sounds good to me. I’ll meet you up there as soon as I get my sleep clothes on,” Blair stated.

“Okay, I’ll be up there warming up the bed,” Jim kidded.

“See you soon,” Blair said as he took off for his bedroom to get his sweats on and get back upstairs as soon as possible. There was a chance that they might get naked tonight. Blair wanted that in the worst way.

Blair decided to just wear his boxers and tee shirt. He climbed the stairs and saw Jim lying on top of the covers, wearing only his boxers. He looked fantastic. Blair climbed on the side of the bed and said, “Move over you bed hog.”

Jim laughed and moved over so there was room for both of them. Jim pulled him into his arms and they began to kiss like crazy. Before long, Jim pulled Blair on top of him and pushed Blair’s butt so that their dicks were rubbing each other. Blair was humping Jim like mad and Jim was meeting every single thrust.

Blair pulled away from Jim and said, “We better slow down, or we’re going to be over with before we even start.”

Jim didn’t seem to care. He continued doing what he had been doing and Blair got back into it. Before long Blair was panting and groaning with the need to come and Jim rubbed Blair’s butt to take him over the edge. Blair came all over his and Jim’s underwear. Jim came right after Blair did.

Jim said, “I think we should get naked and just lie together.”

Both men got naked and cleaned themselves off with tissue and wipes that Jim had in the nightstand.

“Jim, I need to talk to you about something.”

It’s funny that you’re mentioning that, because I have something to tell you,” Jim said.

“You first,” Blair offered.

“I love you,” Jim whispered into Blair’s ear.

Blair held on to Jim for dear life and said, “I love you.

“I thought maybe you did, but I was being insecure and was almost afraid to tell you tonight,” Jim declared.

“Never be afraid to tell me anything, anytime, anywhere. Promise?” Blair asked very seriously.

“Promise,” Jim said.

They lay in each others arms and didn’t say anything for quite some time. Finally Jim said, “Would you be upset if we went to sleep? I’m exhausted and I think we need to just cuddle.”

“That sounds mighty fine to me, Jim. I’m sleepy already,” Blair answered as he snuggled in closer and closer to Jim.

Jim sighed with contentment and started to doze off. He was a very lucky man indeed. Tomorrow would be an even luckier day for both of them. Jim could feel it in his bones.

Both men were softly snoring and lights were still on in the loft. Jim had never forgotten to turn off lights and lock up. But he did that night.

Happiness vibes filled the air.

Tomorrow would bring a new exciting day.

The end
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