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First Time Series: Part 7. First Romantic Dinner

Warning: Slash

First Romantic Dinner
By Patt

Blair sent Jim off to spend time with his dad all day long, so he would be alone to cook a fabulous meal for Jim. They were going to spend it with each other, but William had called and Blair thought it was perfect timing. William and Jim were going golfing, not that Jim even liked to that much, but his dad loved it. That would keep Jim away for about four or five hours. Blair had called William and asked to be warned when Jim was coming back because he was making a surprise dinner. If William thought that was odd, he said nothing of the sort, instead he promised to warn Blair as soon as Jim left.

Blair was making his wonderful sauce with roast beef, instead of hamburger. It’s the way Old Italian’s made it in Italy. They never used hamburger. It would be roast beef or just sauce.

As that simmered, making the place smell terrific, Blair started whipping up a fantastic Greek salad. Jim loved Greek salad and so did Blair. Once that was done, he started on making the homemade baked cheesecake. He was told it tasted a lot like the one that you would get at The Cheese Cake Factory. When that was in the oven, he prepared the fresh strawberries and whipped up the homemade whipped cream. This was going to be the best meal Jim had ever had. Next up was the Italian Green Beans. He took fresh beans and cleaned them, trimmed off the ends and started cooking them. When they were boiling he watched to be sure they didn’t get over cooked and then put them in a pan and covered them with Spaghetti Sauce. Without meat of course. This was also one of Jim’s favorites. Blair had tried to make everything that Jim loved.

Blair missed Jim about four hours into the meal preparation but knew that it was going to be worth it in the long run. Last night they had made out like teens again and came in their jeans. This was getting to be sort of fun for both of them.
Blair was hoping to do the same thing tonight, and if he played his cards right that’s exactly what they would be doing.

Blair so wanted everything to be perfect that he had already set the table and was chomping at the bit for Jim to get home. If Blair had his way, they would eat in the nude and then lick off strawberries and whipping cream from each other’s bodies. Blair knew he needed to stop thinking along those lines, because he had promised Jim they would go slowly. But Blair really wondered if they could possibly go any slower, they were almost going backwards as it was.

Everything was ready and waiting for Jim to get home. Now he just needed William to call so he could heat everything up and have it on the table when Jim walked in the door.

He had no sooner thought this when the phone rang. “Sandburg.”

“Hi Blair, I promised I would call and tell you when Jim left and he just left about two minutes ago. Have a nice dinner. He mentioned you were cooking him a special meal. Is this what I think it means?” William asked.

Blair didn’t know what to say. “I think you should talk to Jim about that. I’m not sure what it means just yet.”

“I’ll talk to him about it next week when we go golfing again. You really should have him practice more. He embarrassed me at the course today,” William teased.

Blair turned everything on while they were talking and said, “Did he really do badly on the course?”

“No, I’m just teasing. I swear those Sentinel Senses kick butt when it comes to golf. He also kicked his old man’s butt all over the course,” William said laughing.

Blair said, “Well, I better get going and get everything done. Talk to you soon, William.”

“Bye, Blair,” William said before he hung up his phone.

Blair smiled as he started stirring everything. He lit the candles on the table and waited patiently for Jim to get home. He didn’t know what exactly to call Jim at this point. They weren’t actually lovers, so he would have to put some thought into it.


Jim parked the truck and smelled the air. He could tell exactly what Blair was cooking for dinner. He smelled Lasagna, Italian Green Beans, and if he wasn’t mistaken, there would be cheesecake for dessert. Jim’s face lit up at the thought and almost ran up the stairs. He had missed Blair all day long. It wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy being with his dad, but he’d rather be with Blair. He’d much rather be making out and groping, that was for sure.

He opened the door and smiled at the wonderful look of the loft. Blair had candles and the table set very nicely. Jim hadn’t ever had anyone make him a dinner like this. This was a first. Jim smiled when he saw Blair come out of his room and said, “Hi honey, I’m home.”

“Hey, you are home,” Blair said as he walked over to Jim and kissed him longingly.

Jim was really getting into the kiss when Blair said, “Everything is ready. Would you like to eat now or later?”

“Now would be fine. I’m starving. I wouldn’t let me dad buy me anything because I wanted to be good and hungry for dinner,” Jim explained.

“Sit down and I’ll serve you,” Blair said as he began to put food on Jim’s plate. Jim was beaming with happiness. He couldn’t believe how great this was. He not only cooked the whole damn meal, but now he was serving him. Jim pulled Blair down for another kiss.

“I take it you like the look of the food?” Blair asked when he came up for air from the kiss.

“I not only love the look of the food, but I love the smell. I could smell everything downstairs in the parking lot and it made me crazy. On one hand I was hungry like you wouldn’t believe and the other hand, I wanted you big time. I was having a hard time deciding what to do,” Jim said.

“And just think, you decided to eat first,” Blair teased.

“I need my energy for what’s to come,” Jim kidded Blair back.

“You got that right. I have big plans for tonight. I’m hoping that you’ll be part of them,” Blair teased again.

“Sit down and eat with me, Blair.”

Blair dished his food up and sat down and they started to eat like they hadn’t seen food in a week.

They started with the salad and Jim said, “Chief, I had forgotten how much I love Feta cheese and Greek Olives. Thank you, this is fantastic.”

“I’m so glad it hit the spot for you. I thought it sounded delicious and I was right. God, I love being right now and then,” Blair joked.

When they were done they ate the lasagna and green beans. Jim was eating like he had never eaten before. This made Blair feel terrific.

“This was perfect, Blair. Thank you so much for the dinner, the company and the candle light. It was truly perfection.”

Blair got up from his chair and walked over to where Jim sat and kissed him, very passionately. “You just made my night.”

“Hopefully we’ll make each other’s night later on,” Jim teased.

“First dishes, then dessert, then making out. How does that sound?” Blair asked.

“Then let’s get busy getting the dishes out of the way. I really think I should do them all since you did all of the cooking,” Jim suggested.

Blair pulled him down for a kiss and said, “No, I’ll help. Now let’s get finished, I can’t wait to try the new recipe I had for Cheesecake.”

The two men started clean up duty and before long they were all finished. Then Blair got the dishes down for the Cheesecake and got the strawberries and cream out and started to dish it up.

“It looks just like the stuff the serve at The Cheesecake Factory,” Jim announced when he saw it.

“I think so too, but we’ll see how it tastes. Sit down and have your dessert,” Blair said pushing Jim to the table.

Jim pulled Blair down on his lap and said, “I say we share this piece and you sit right here.”

Blair started to laugh and said, “You are so fucking cute when you’re horny.”

“Can’t help it, you make me wild,” Jim admitted.

“So feed me already,” Blair ordered.

Jim fed him one bite and then Jim took one for himself. They just kept taking turns until the entire piece was gone.

“So what did you think?” Blair asked.

“I think it was better then the Factory, because you made it and I got to feed you. We never would have done that there at their restaurant. This is fantastic,” Jim confessed.

“I’m so glad you liked it. I think it turned out well too. Now let’s get my piece and share that one too,” Blair said as he got up and Jim swatted his butt as he moved away.

Jim fed more cake to Blair and himself and then they did the dishes up really fast.

Jim said, “I’m so full I could bust.”

“Me too,” Blair answered.

They both walked over to the couch and sat down, Jim pulling Blair as close to him as he could get him. They began to make out like teenagers once again and this lasted for some time before there was actual groping.

Blair pulled back and asked, “Can we feel skin tonight?”

“I don’t see why not,” Jim replied.

Blair unzipped Jim’s jeans and then unbuttoned his shirt. Jim did the same thing to Blair. Jim was the first one to touch Blair’s nipples and run his hands through the furry chest hair.

“That feels so damn good, Jim.”

Then Jim moved further down and ended up with his hand wrapped around Blair’s cock and Blair whimpered with need. Jim began to kiss the mouth he felt he couldn’t live without and rubbed his hand up and down Blair’s cock.

“Oh man, I’m so close, Jim. I’m ready to blow.”

Jim kissed Blair’s neck and then started stroking Blair’s cock and Blair came with a small shout of Jim’s name.

Jim pulled his hand out of Blair’s jeans and had come all over his fingers and licked them clean.

“Oh man, you’re going to be the death of me,” Blair said as he started to kiss Jim, moving his hand down Jim’s stomach and into Jim’s jeans. He started stroking Jim just like Jim had stroked him and before long Jim moaned ‘Blair’ and came all over Blair’s fingers. Not to be outdone by Jim, Blair pulled his hand out and licked his fingers clean.

They both calmed down and looked at each other wearing matching smiles.

“That was great, Chief.”

“I couldn’t agree more, Jim.”

“What’s up for tomorrow night?” Blair asked hopefully.

“More of this. I say we do more of this for awhile,” Jim said smiling again.

The men sat back on the couch and did their jeans back up and cuddled close together as they watched television.

Both men could hardly wait for tomorrow night. Things were just getting really good.

The end
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