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The First Time Series: Part 6--First Misunderstanding

First Misunderstanding
By Patt

While sitting in the bullpen, Jim looked over at Blair and Blair smiled at him with that look. Jim loved that look, but not in the bullpen. Rafe looked at Jim oddly and immediately got worried about what everyone would think about them.

Jim pushed his chair over near Blair’s and said, “Don’t give me those looks while we’re in the bullpen, understood?”

Blair just stared at Jim like someone had pissed on his computer and then looked away. Oh yeah, to say Blair was pissed off was an understatement. Blair got up and went to the break room to get a cup of coffee.

Megan Conner walked in and said, “Hey Sandy, how are you today?”

“Dandy, Conner, and you?”

“I take it something is wrong, right?” Megan asked.

“It’s no one’s business what is wrong or right in my life. I wish you all would just keep your noses away from my personal life,” Blair ranted and then walked out of the break room. Jim came walking down the hallway at that very moment and knew what Blair had just said.

“Chief, you have to keep our personal life out of the bullpen, not bring it here. Conner is going to know something now,” Jim explained.

“Fuck you,” Blair said and walked to his desk and sat back down.

Jim looked around to see if anyone had heard, but no one seemed to notice. Then he wondered what in the hell was going on with Sandburg. He had never once said ‘fuck you’ in the bullpen. Jim was afraid that he had undone everything that he had helped do the night before. They had had so much fun it was hard to believe sometimes. They groped while making out and came in their pants. Blair should be smiling. Blair should be happy, but he wasn’t. Jim had fucked up something already.

When Jim got to his desk he whispered, “What’s wrong?”

“Oh fuck you,” Blair answered and went back to typing what he had been working on.

All right, that was two ‘fuck you’s’ in one day. What had he done to deserve this? And when would he find out?

“Blair, do you want to go to lunch?” Jim asked.

“Not if my life depended on it,” Blair answered.

Conner walked by and said, “Everyone is paying attention to you guys, you better cool it.”

Jim looked up and sure enough, everyone was staring at them. This embarrassed Jim to no end. He certainly didn’t want anyone in the bullpen knowing about him and Blair. It was bad enough that Conner knew. But she wasn’t making a big thing out of it.

Conner walked back over and said, “Jimbo, would you like to go to lunch with me?”

Jim stared at Blair and Blair glared at Jim. Jim answered, “Sure, I would love to.”

“I’m ready whenever you are,” Conner said grabbing her purse and waiting by the elevators.

Jim got up and told Simon where they were going and then he met Conner there and rode down in silence. He worried somewhat about Conner being quiet, but he figured why kick a gift horse in the mouth.

When they got to Jim’s truck they got in and he drove off, with more silence. “All right, Conner. Give it to me. What are you trying not to say?”

“You are such a whacker. Where is your brain today? You’ve got a good thing and you went and pissed Sandy off. What is wrong with you?” Megan shouted.

“I don’t even know what I did,” Jim said truthfully. Jim pulled into the parking lot of Subway and they got out.

They walked in, ordered their sandwiches and then it began.

“Start from the top, tell me everything you’ve said to him since you came to work today. Or better yet, tell me everything you’ve said since right before he got pissed off. You had to have said something to piss him off,” Conner commented.

“Everything was fine all morning long until I saw him smile at me, the way he shouldn’t be smiling at me and Rafe saw it. I told him not to give me those looks while we were in the bullpen,” Jim explained.

“You’re a Yobbo. I don’t believe you said that to Sandy. Where was your brain this morning? God, he’ll probably never talk to you again. He no doubt thinks you’re embarrassed and won’t want to have anything to do with you from here on in. I just can’t believe you did that,” Conner said disgustedly.

“He shouldn’t be giving looks to me in the bullpen, it’s as simple as that,” Jim said defending himself as best as he could.

It did no good, Conner wasn’t listening. “Do you know how I knew about you and Sandy?”

“No, how?”

“From you, Bloke. You were giving signs off right and left. It was you that did all of the smiles that shouldn’t have been in the bullpen, not Sandy. So what are you going to do about it?”

Jim thought a moment and said, “You know what? I think this is our first misunderstanding and I’m not too wild about it. We already had a first fight, I don’t think we need this at all.”

“Good, that means you’ll try to make things right, correct?” Conner asked.

“I don’t know if he’ll even talk to me.”

“He will if he wants some more of that sex that you’ve been giving him,” Conner guessed.

Jim blushed and hung his head shamefully.

Conner looked at him oddly and said, “What? Oh my god, you haven’t had sex yet? That’s part of the fucking problem. What are you waiting for?”

Still blushing, Jim said, “We decided to take it nice and slow and believe it or not, it’s been great. We do small things to make each other feel good and don’t doubt me, its working. So taking it slow is all right.”

“But Jim, you insulted him this morning. It’s more then a misunderstanding, you made him feel like you were embarrassed. Do you want him thinking that all day long?” Conner wondered aloud.

“Should I call him right now?” Jim inquired.

Conner smiled at the dummy and said, “You better.”

Jim pulled out his cell and called Blair’s desk line. “Sandburg?”

“Blair, don’t hang up, let me explain something to you, all right?”

“What?” Blair answered coldly.

“This is one big misunderstanding. I’m so sorry. I was embarrassed that you were giving me the special looks in the bullpen. I figure they are reserved for only at home. But Conner was just telling me that I give them to you all the time. That’s how she knew about me and you. So what I need you to do is pretend I didn’t say anything and start the day over again. I promise I won’t be the same jerk I was earlier. I swear to you, I never meant it to come out the way it did. I know I hurt you and I’m sorry. Please say you’ll forgive me,” Jim pleaded.


“Okay, what?” Jim asked.

“We can start the day over again. I don’t like being mad at you anyhow. Think what we’ll miss out on tonight if we don’t make up, right?” Blair questioned.

“You’re absolutely right. I would like some more of the making out and groping if it’s all right with you,” Jim said softly.

“Isn’t Conner right there?” Blair asked suddenly.

“She guessed we hadn’t done it yet, so it’s not a news flash to her,” Jim explained.

“Okay… Jim can you bring me a sandwich, because I’m starving and eating out of the vending machine doesn’t appeal to me at all. Just a plain ole everyday sandwich is good for me.”

“I’ll get it right now and we’ll start back to the station. I’m so sorry I hurt you, Chief.”

“Jim, calm down and let’s not discuss this in the bullpen from now on. Oh, and if I want to look at you in a special way, that’s allowed, damn it. You’re my man, I should be able to glance at you from time to time,” Blair stated.

“Anything is good with me, Chief. As long as you forgive me, it’s all good.”

“Tell Conner thank you for being such a good friend and get back here soon. We’ll get to go home early I think. I sense a Sentinel headache coming on for you that I’ll have to tell Simon about,” Blair teased.

“If you’re willing to take Simon on, I can meet you in the parking garage in ten minutes,” Jim joked back.

“I’m serious; I’ll meet you downstairs in ten minutes. See you then,” Blair said.

“You’re on, Chief. I’ll see you in ten,” Jim answered.

Conner smiled at Jim and said, “Now that’s more like it.”

“I think I owe you dinner for this,” Jim suggested.

“I think that would be great when you get things settled at home. When do you think you’re going to actually be sleeping with your partner anyhow?” Conner wondered.

“None of your business. I told you we’re taking our sweet time and we’ll do it when the time feels right,” Jim stated.

“Okay, I know when to shut up. Now let’s get you back to the station so you’ll be able to meet Blair in the parking garage,” Conner said.

The two friends took off for the station house and before long Jim saw Blair standing by the curb in the garage. Conner got out and said a quick goodbye to both of them and then Blair got in.

Jim pulled out of the garage as quickly as he had pulled in and smiled over at Blair. “Once again, I’m sorry Chief and here is your sandwich.”

“You are like so forgiven. You just gave me that killer smile that turns me to jello every time you use it. Thanks for the sandwich, I’m starved. Did you mention something to me about groping and making out again?” Blair asked.

“I sure did. Should we pick up some take-out food for dinner and then we can just heat it up?” Jim inquired.

“Who cares about eating right now? I have a sandwich that I’m willing to share with you if you want to. I think we should concentrate on making each other feel good. I for one would like to feel some skin tonight,” Blair suggested.

“Sounds good to me,” Jim agreed.

“Tomorrow is one of our days off, so I suggest we stay at home all day, experiment with each other’s bodies and I’ll make us a very romantic dinner for two. How does that sound?” Blair questioned.

“It sounds perfect, Chief. I would love to experiment with you all day long and have you cook dinner. What are we having?”

“I’m making your favorite dinner,” Blair answered.

“Lasagna? Very cool. I can’t wait. Now let’s get home and get this groping under way,” Jim said.

“I think we’ll leave skin until tomorrow night after dinner, how about that?” Blair asked.

“That’s perfect with me. Now let’s get upstairs so we can get busy,” Jim said as he parked in the parking lot.

“I’ll race ya,” Blair teased and ran all the way up the stairs.

Jim rushed after him, not wanting Blair to think he wasn’t important enough to chase after, because he was.

This was going to be another exciting night. Touching skin was in sight. Things were looking up.

The end
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