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The First Time Series: Part 5--First Suprise

First Surprise
By Patt

Jim thought all day long while he was working about what he could do for a surprise to make Blair happy. It had to be something other then a kiss or cuddling. They were really good at those two things, so it needed to be something new, something fresh. He didn’t want this taking it ‘slow’ business to get stale.

Rafe walked up and said, “What’s with your partner today? He’s in a better mood then usual, what’s going on?”

“You think that I would know? He doesn’t tell me anything,” Jim said trying to sound serious.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d say he had a date and was going to get lucky tonight,” Rafe said almost laughing.

“Why don’t you ask him? Don’t ask me, I have no idea,” Jim suggested.

“Nah, we’ll just wait and see if he looks all satisfied in the morning when he comes in. Who is he dating anyhow?” Rafe wondered aloud.

“Hell if I know,” Jim growled.

“Excuse me. I didn’t mean to bother you. Go back to your paperwork,” Rafe said as he walked away from Jim’s desk.

Jim was never so happy to see anyone leave him alone. He was right on the verge of saying something stupid that Rafe would have been able to figure out. Jim hated that they all thought he was dating some woman that was making him so happy of late. Some day they would be able to tell people what was going on, but surely not now.

Jim went back to thinking about what they would do for the surprise. He smiled as he thought about cuddling with groping. That way they both could touch each other and get a feel for the other one. Jim was dying to touch Blair’s cock and he had a feeling that Blair wanted to be touching his cock too. Jim looked at the clock and saw that they still have four hours to go.

Blair sat down at his desk wearing a big smile. He hummed as he started typing on the computer and Jim wanted to smack him. He was going to have everyone asking who he was dating in time. Why couldn’t he act more like Jim? No one knew what Jim was thinking or feeling.

At that moment Blair whispered, “Thinking about my surprise for tonight?”

Jim leaned into Blair’s desk and said, “As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what I was doing.”

“Any closer to telling me?” Blair asked.

“Not even a little bit close. It’s a surprise, Darwin. Remember what surprise means?” Jim teased.

Megan walked by and whispered, “You know if you don’t want everyone to know about you two, you’d better stop looking so cozy every day.”

Jim was startled that Megan knew what was going on. Jim immediately moved away from Blair’s desk and said, “Later, Chief.”

Megan walked over to her desk laughing to herself, pissing Blair off to know end.

Blair whispered to Jim, “How did she know?”

“I don’t know, but from now on we keep it out of the bullpen,” Jim suggested.

Blair frowned and said, “Agreed.”

Blair went back to work and so did Jim. They both needed to focus on work for a change and stop thinking about each other.

Jim went to get coffee and heard Rafe tell Brown, “I could have sworn that Hairboy was going to get lucky tonight, but now he’s frowning and doing his work. So maybe it’s someone at the station and they rained on his parade.”

Brown said, “It’s none of our business anyhow. Why do you care so much?”

“Because I love to tease the guy. He’s fun to joke with, especially when you take him off guard. I was so hoping to catch him smiling and getting lucky,” Rafe admitted.

“Well, get a grip. Why don’t you finish that report I gave to you this morning and stop worrying about who Hairboy is sleeping with. Besides I think it isn’t anyone in the station house, or we would have heard the rumors,” Brown said.

“Fine, I’ll get my work done. Slave driver,” Rafe teased and both men laughed as they walked right into Jim in the hallway.

“Hi Jim,” Rafe said.

“Hi,” Jim replied.

“How are you doing?” Brown asked.

“Good, and you?” Jim responded.

“Everything is great. Well, not great because my partner still hasn’t done the paperwork I asked him to do,” Brown teased.

Jim smiled and said, “See you guys later.”

Rafe and Brown started walking down the hallway and Rafe said, “Is it just me or did he seem happy too?”

“It’s just you, he seemed the normal Jim Ellison to me. Just this side of grumpy,” Brown said almost laughing.

“Yeah, you’re right, he’s never too happy. Maybe his partner could get him a date,” Rafe wondered.

“Get that damn file done for me, will ya?” Brown ordered and smiled as he said it.

“Work, work, work. That’s all you ever want me to do. Did you notice that Conner looked like she had a secret today?” Rafe asked.

“Don’t even get started, man. Just do the report,” Brown walked away from his partner hoping that it would do the trick.

Jim was relieved that he wasn’t giving off vibes of happiness because he didn’t want to explain to anyone else what he wasn’t even sure about yet. They were going so slow that there was nothing to really mention anyhow. Jim smiled to himself and realized that that might just change tonight.


That night after dinner, Jim could tell that Blair was excited. He was humming with excitement which was making Jim hard as a rock. He noticed that Blair was too.

Jim went in and sat on the couch and waited for Blair to join him. He turned on the tv and go to the channel with The Mentalist on it and turned the volume down. They could watch it if they wanted, but it wouldn’t bother them if they didn’t want to watch it.

Blair sat down next to Jim and said, “All right, I have been more then a good boy. I haven’t bothered you at all. Now I want to know what my surprise is.”

Jim smiled at Blair and said, “We’re going to make out with groping tonight. We’re going to actually get to touch each other’s dick through our jeans. I figured that would be a good surprise.”

“Holy shit, I can’t believe it. I’m down with that. Let’s get busy,” Blair kidded.

Jim pulled him into his arms and they began to kiss. Blair slowly began to move his hand down Jim’s chest and stomach, making Jim moan with need. Jim decided to do the same to Blair. They were both moaning and squirming around, trying to get the other one to touch them lower.

Blair was the first one to put his hand over Jim’s dick and Jim jumped but moved closer to him to let him know that it was working.

Jim then did the same thing to Blair and Blair was thrusting his dick into Jim’s hand, needing some type of release.

Jim pulled his lips off of Blair and said, “Calm down, Chief. We have to make this last. Neither of us is going to last if we start thrusting into our hands.”

“We don’t get to come?” Blair whined.

“Not yet. Maybe later,” Jim suggested.

So they slowed down a little bit and just did rubbing and massaging until they each thought they would pop.

Jim couldn’t believe how good Blair felt through his jeans. He couldn’t wait to actually touch his dick. Now that was going to be fun.

Blair was thinking the exact same thing at that moment and wondered when they were going to be able to feel skin on skin. He hated to ask now, because this was going so smoothly. Blair hadn’t remembered a time where he ever felt this good from just feeling someone up or having them feel him up. This going slow business was working out really well.

Jim said, “I suggest we slow down a little, take a break and take this up in about an hour. That way we don’t come in our jeans.”

“Good thinking, Jim. Sounds good to me. Would you like some trail mix to munch on and we can watch The Mentalist.”

“I’ll get us a beer,” Jim said as he got up too.

Blair got the trail mix in bowls and Jim got them each a beer. They sat back down and started watching the show. Blair noticed that Jim wasn’t looking at him. He wondered if Jim was embarrassed.

“Jim, are you all right?”

“I’m fine, other then being right on the edge of coming. I don’t want to do it yet. I want the night to last a lot longer.”

“You haven’t looked at me, so I was worried,” Blair admitted.

“I’m afraid if I look in your eyes, I’ll come. That’s how close I am.”

Blair grabbed Jim’s bowl of trail mix and put them on the table, then set their beers down and slid on top of Jim’s lap.

“Look into my eyes, Jim.”

Jim did and thrust up against Blair’s groin and came with a moan. Blair came just as quickly.

Blair kissed Jim’s neck and said, “This was a wonderful surprise, man. Thank you.”

“No, thank you. You know just what to say and do with me. I really like how much you understand me,” Jim explained.

“I don’t know about you, but I need to get cleaned up,” Blair said.

“I’ll go right after you’re done,” Jim replied.

Both of the men knew that this was a special night, one that they would never forget. For this, they were both grateful that they were going slowly.

The end
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