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First Time Series Part 4--First Cuddle

First Cuddle
By Patt

The guy arrived home and started dinner first thing. There was still a little friction in the air after having their first fight.

“Chief, I’m really sorry for jumping to conclusions. I don’t want it to get in our way of getting closer.”

“I have to admit, I’m a little surprised that you believed that I would date someone else while dating you,” Blair said.

“We never discussed being exclusive. So I thought maybe we weren’t,” Jim stated.

Blair looked at the insecure man and knew he couldn’t stay mad at him for long. “Jim, I couldn’t dream of dating anyone while I was dating you. You’re all I need.”

Jim started to set the table and asked, “So are we not only exclusive, but forever?”

Blair just looked at him seriously and said, “I hope we’re forever. I think we’re a little early in the game to discuss forever. But right now, I can’t imagine life without you, so stop worrying.”

“Sounds good to me. Now get your butt over here because soup and sandwiches are ready,” Jim ordered.

Blair went easily into the dining room because he was starving. Jim made great sandwiches. They both sat down and started to eat.

“What’s on tv tonight?” Jim asked.

“I’m not sure, but we’ll find something to watch. Maybe Dancing with The Stars or something,” Blair teased.

“Very funny. Just because I watched it one night because there was nothing else on, doesn’t mean you have to make fun of me forever,” Jim pleaded.

“You’re right. Besides Dancing with The Stars is a decent show. I think it takes great courage to get out there and try and do what the professionals do. I would fail miserably,” Blair admitted.

“Do you like dancing at all?” Jim asked.

“I love to dance, mostly slow dances though,” Blair confessed.

“We’re going to dance after we do the dishes, how does that sound?” Jim inquired.

“That would be great. I think you look like a great dancer, are you?” Blair wondered.

“I don’t dance any better then anyone else, Chief. In fact, I don’t usually dance with anyone on a date because I’m unsure of myself. So this will be a first for me, I mean taking the first step to the dancing stage.”

“Well let’s get this mess cleaned up so we can dance. Do I get to choose the song? It can be our song,” Blair said.

“You can do whatever you’d like. It’s all good,” Jim said smiling.

They finished the dishes, got everything put away and Blair went on his search for a perfect song.

Jim went and sat on the couch and waited patiently for Blair to finish putting a song on.

Suddenly the room was filled with Bryan Adams, Can’t Stop This Thing We Started and Blair stood beside the couch and waited for Jim to take him in his arms. Jim did exactly that.

“I love this song,” Jim said as he held Blair close and swayed with the music.

“You never struck me as a Bryan Adams fan, but I’m glad you are, because I love this song,” Blair said snuggling up closer to Jim. He could feel the hardness behind Jim’s zipper in his jeans, but he didn’t say a thing because he had one behind his zipper too.

Jim leaned down and kissed Blair as they were dancing and Blair thought it was one of the sexiest things that had ever been done to him. Jim lied, he was an excellent dancer and he was an even better kisser.

The song played three times in a row and they just kept dancing until Jim finally said, “I think I’ve had enough of that thing we started.”

Blair laughed, pulled out of Jim’s arms and went to shut the stereo off. “Meet you on the couch, big guy.”

Jim sat down and waited for Blair, somewhat embarrassed because he had a hard-on that could pound nails. But he noticed that Blair had one too. This going slow stuff was going to be the death of both of them.


Ten minutes into watching Heroes Jim pulled Blair closer and began to give full cuddle. Blair couldn’t help it, he snickered.

“Are you laughing at my technique?” Jim asked.

“No, I just never dreamed I would be cuddling with Jim Ellison on the sofa. You give great cuddle,” Blair teased.

“Thank you.”

“Jim, I was wondering if we could do anything besides cuddle,” Blair inquired.

“Not tonight, we’re taking this slow remember?” Jim reminded Blair.

“God, I can’t believe we agreed to this slow shit,” Blair said totally disgusted with anything and everything.

“We’re supposed to be cuddling here,” Jim told him.

“I know, I know,” Blair whined.

“If you’re a very good boy, I’ll give you a surprise tomorrow night,” Jim promised.

“Yeah? I can be a very good boy when I want to be,” Blair said perking up instantly.

“That’s my boy,” Jim joked.

“What’s the surprise?” Blair asked.

“If I told you it wouldn’t be a surprise would it?” Jim pointed out the obvious.

Blair snuggled in closer to Jim and thought of all of the wonderful things he might be doing to him the next night. It was enough to make him hard once again.

Jim was thinking about some of the very same things and he was hard also. They continued to cuddle and watched Medium next. They both sort of liked that show.

“Do you think Patricia Arquette looks anything like her sister?” Blair asked.

“Her sister would be who?” Jim replied.

“She’s Rosanna Arquette. I can’t think of anything she’s been in lately. Hell I can’t think of anything she’s been in at all. Wait a minute, I think she was in Desperately Seeking Susan, have you seen that?” Blair asked.

“Oh okay, I know who that is now. I think that Patricia Arquette was adopted or something.” Jim started laughing at his own joke and this in turn made Blair laugh too.

“I agree, she doesn’t look anything like her sister,” Blair said.

They watched the show in silence as they continued to cuddle.

Jim really liked this cuddling business. It was very comfortable and he was quite relaxed. He might be horny, but he would live.

“I really like cuddling with you, Chief.”

“That’s great, Jim, because I like cuddling with you too.”

When Medium was over, they watched the news and Jim said, “Well I need to run to the bathroom. We’re been sitting here for two hours without a bathroom break.”

Blair smiled and said, “I’m next. I just didn’t want to give up the cuddling business.”

“Thanks for the nice evening, Blair.”

“You are most welcome. I had a good time too.”

Jim walked into the bathroom and took care of business, then got ready for bed. When he walked out of the bathroom, he stopped in front of Blair and leaned down for a kiss. Blair met his lips eagerly and they kissed for a long, long while.

“You expect me to sleep now?” Blair asked.

“No better then I will, Chief.”

“Good night, Jim.”

“Good night, Blair.”

The two men went their separate ways and both of them were sad to see the night end.

Jim climbed the stairs to the loft and wondered when they would be climbing them together. That would be nice.

Blair was downstairs getting ready for bed and wondered when he would be going upstairs with Jim. He wanted that in the worst way.

Both men were just going to have to be patient.

The end
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