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The First Times Series Part 2 Kiss

Here is the second one.

First Kiss
By Patt

Neither of the men slept too well after their first date. It was to be expected. They both wanted more then they were ready for.

Jim worried about pushing Blair away with his needs and Blair worried about him pushing Jim away. Both of them were idiots.


The following morning Jim made breakfast and coffee and Blair smiled when he came out.

“Morning, Jim.”

“Morning, Chief.”

“Did you sleep all right?” Blair asked.

“What do you think?” Jim teased.

Blair gave Jim a huge smile and said, “Things will get better as time goes on. We want to take things very slowly, so we don’t screw it up. What’s up for tonight?”

Jim thought a minute and said, “There is a game on tonight with the Jags, do you want to watch it with me?”

“Where else would I be?” Blair joked.

“Good, something to look forward to, because today we’re going to be getting caught up on files at the station. Talk about boring,” Jim stated.

“I hate paperwork sometimes. These are one of the times. Do you want to go to Subway for lunch today?” Blair asked.

“That sounds good to me, Blair. I love Subway sandwiches. We’ll take off around noon or so,” Jim suggested.

“Do you think we’ll be able to get out of there without one of the others going with us?” Blair wondered aloud.

“We can’t tell anyone we’re dating yet. We’re just starting the whole process ourselves, we sure don’t want to bring Conner, Simon, Rafe, Brown or Joel into it. Right?” Jim inquired.

“Oh yeah, I totally agree with you.”

“We just have to pretend that nothing has changed, all right?” Jim questioned.

“Works for me,” Blair replied.

“I better get ready for work, or we’re going to be late and Simon will be chewing our butts first thing this morning,” Jim said as he rushed up the stairs to get ready for work.

Blair did the exact same thing in his room.

Both men knew that today was going to be different no matter how much they wanted things to appear as normal.

They cleaned the kitchen up before they left and then drove to the station.


That night Jim was cooking dinner and Blair was watching him from the living room.

“Wasn’t it great that no one went with us for lunch today?” Blair asked.

“It was terrific. I really didn’t feel like being around anyone but you. I’ve been having those feelings lately,” Jim confessed.

“Good, because I feel the same way about you,” Blair admitted freely.

The two men ate dinner that night, cleaned up and sat down on the sofa to watch the game.

Blair got back up and walked towards the kitchen and asked, “Would you like a beer while I’m up?”

“That would be great. I forgot to get one for us while I was in there. Come on, Chief, the game is starting.”

Blair hurried into the living room and plopped down beside Jim. They started to watch the game, which became close immediately. Every time the other team scored, then the Jags would score. This kept up until one free throw that put the Jags ahead somewhat, making Jim and Blair hoop and holler with excitement.

Jim put his arm around Blair’s shoulders and pulled him closer to him and Blair turned to Jim and smiled. They were both very comfortable.

They continued to watch the game, laughing and talking the entire time. When the Jags pulled ahead by about ten points Jim pulled Blair’s face up and kissed him. It started as a soft gentle kiss, but Blair wouldn’t let it stay that way. Blair put everything he had into this kiss, so that Jim would never forget it. It worked. Neither man would ever forget it.

When both of the men came up for air, Blair said, “Whoa, now that’s a first kiss to remember.”

Jim smiled and said, “I think this was the best kiss I’ve ever gotten in my life. First or last. You’re incredibly sexy Chief.”

“As are you. This is the way to watch a fucking Basketball game, that’s for sure,” Blair commented.

“Can I have another kiss?” Jim asked.

“You can kiss me any time you like Jim,” Blair answered.

They continued kissing for about ten minutes, and then they had to stop because they were getting way ahead of the game. Jim wanted to jump Blair. Blair wanted to jump Jim and that wasn’t what this was all about. They were going to take it slow if it killed them both.

Jim got up off the couch and said, “I need some air.”

“Are you all right?” Blair asked.

“Just horny and I want this to go as planned. The cool night air will calm me down. Just give me a few minutes,” Jim assured him.

“Want some company?” Blair inquired.

“No, that would defeat the whole purpose,” Jim kidded.

Blair watched Jim walk out to the balcony and smiled. He liked it that he made Jim that hot and bothered just from kissing. In fact, it made his night.

Blair walked into the bathroom and splashed cool water on his face. That calmed him right down. Before long he was ready for the game again.

When Jim came walking back into the living room, Blair was sitting on the couch again, rooting for their team. Jim sat down next to him, but this time he seemed to keep his distance.

“Are you all right?” Blair questioned.

“Nothing that a cold shower wouldn’t fix. I can’t sit so close to you because you get my motor running to fast. I don’t want to spend all night on the balcony,” Jim said.

“Works for me,” Blair replied and rooted for their team once again.

The two men watched the rest of the game and then the news and finally Jim said, “Well, I’m getting ready for bed. See you in the morning.”

Blair smiled at him and replied, “Thank you for the nice evening, I had fun.”

“Same here,” Jim called out over his shoulder, walking to the bathroom.

Jim washed up, brushed his teeth and took deep breaths to keep his calm before he walked out of the bathroom. “Your turn, Chief.”

“Thanks, man.” Blair walked into the same room and did the same things, thinking the very same thoughts that Jim had.

They had decided that they would go slowly, as in taking their sweet time. Blair mentioned that maybe they would date for a month or two before they went any further then kissing.

Both of the men lay in bed that night questioning whether or not they were doing this right.

Jim went down to Blair’s room and knocked on the door.

Blair answered, “Come in.”

“Chief, this is just my opinion, but I think that we can do something other then penetration between now and whenever that takes place. Don’t you agree?”

“Yeah, I agree. Tomorrow maybe we’ll have groping,” Blair joked.

“I was serious, Blair.”

“So am I,” Blair responded.

“Okay, sleep well and we’ll see you in the morning,” Jim said as he walked out of the room. It was one of the hardest things he had ever had to do. He wanted Blair in the worst way, but he wasn’t going to be the first one to cave.

“Night, Jim.” Blair wasn’t going to cave either.

Jim walked back up the stairs and lay on his stomach to stop his hard-on from getting any attention.

Blair lay downstairs doing the very same thing.

Jim thought about the next night and groping and wondered what would be considered groping. He would have to wait and see.

The end
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