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The First Series Part 1 First Date

This is a twenty part series that I'm writing. It's all about first times at something. Tonight will be First Date. Thank you to Peja for the challenge.

First Date
By Patt

Jim couldn’t believe that Blair actually accepted his offer for a date out to Claim Jumper with him. He made sure that Blair understood it was a date, date. He not only said yes, but he had said, ‘hell yes’.

After his shower, Jim went upstairs to decide what he wanted to wear for the evening. Would it be Dockers or blue jeans? He finally gave in and yelled over the railing.

“Chief, are you wearing Dockers or blue jeans?”

“Dockers, I thought it would be a nice change,” Blair replied.

“Thanks,” Jim said and got to work getting ready to go. They were leaving in 30 minutes, so Jim had to get his act into gear.

Once Jim was done dressing he walked down the stairs and Blair whistled. Jim blushed and said, “You don’t look bad either.”

“Thanks,” Blair said.

“Are you sure Claim Jumper is good for you?” Jim asked for the fourth time that day.

“Jim, calm down. This is just you and me and we’re going to take this really slow. This is the first date tonight, but no pressure on either of us for anything else. That can come later. You know that I love Claim Jumper, so don’t question your choice in restaurants,” Blair answered.

“You really do look fantastic, Chief.”

“Why thank you. You look great too. We better leave soon or we’re going to hit the dinner rush. I like to get there ahead of time. I’ve been craving Filet Mignon all day long. I don’t even need a menu,” Blair said.

They got their jackets and walked out the door, Jim locking up behind them. They were very quiet on the elevator ride down and Jim wondered if they were doing the right thing. He felt a little self-conscious and wondered if Blair was feeling the same way.

Almost like Blair could read Jim’s mind, he said, “Jim, this is just a date, nothing more, nothing less. Let’s go and have a good time. We can talk about anything and everything we want to. I for one want to discuss a few things about the Benito Case, if you wouldn’t mind. I was typing up all of the information for our files and I had a couple of questions.”

“Blair, we’re on a date. If I wanted to talk about the Benito case, I would have asked Simon to come along. I want to take you out on a date, not a working date.”

“Okay, I got it. This is a date, date. No talk of work. What do we talk about then?” Blair wondered.

“I wondered how long we date before we actually do anything else,” Jim said blushing.

“Jim, this is twice in one night that you’ve blushed. Get a grip,” Blair teased.

Jim laughed and said, “I can’t help it. It’s still new to me and some things still bother me I guess.”

“You mean having sex with a guy?” Blair asked.

“Oh no, I mean just talking about sex to you. I usually talk with you about sex with other people and now it’ll be us. This is a new thing for us. Give me time to get used to it,” Jim stated.

“So far this is a great first date, Jim. You look wonderful, you smell wonderful and I can’t wait to get to the restaurant and order our food.”

Jim opened the truck door for Blair and Blair blushed. “Now this is new. I’ve never had anyone open the door for me.”

“Does it bother you?” Jim asked.

“Not at all, I think it’s sort of sexy. You’re a very sexy man, Jim.”

“Put your seatbelt on and stop talking about sexy. I’m not, I’m too nervous tonight,” Jim said.

“Calm down. This is just a first date. Were you this nervous when you went out with Carolyn the first time?” Blair inquired.

“No, I wasn’t really too nervous with her, but it’s different with you. We’re friends. I mean, we’re best friends. I don’t want to screw anything up.”

“Jim, man, stop worrying so much. We’re going to be fine. Like I said, we’re taking this nice and slow. This is just a first date. No kissing, nothing. Just two friends going out for dinner in hopes that they’ll find out they’d like to kiss eventually.”

“I already know the answer to that. I want to kiss you, but I want to go slow. You’re right there is no reason to be so nervous. Things will work out just fine. Let’s get to the restaurant and eat. I’m starving. Are you?” Jim asked.

“I could eat a horse, but I would prefer a Filet Mignon,” Blair responded.

“In case I forget to mention it later, thank you for accepting this invitation for dinner. I’ve wanted to date you for the longest while,” Jim admitted.

Blair smiled at Jim and answered, “Same here. I was so happy when you asked me. It made my year let me tell ya.”

They arrived at Claim Jumper and Jim said, “Dinner at last.”

“Are you going to have Filet Mignon too?” Blair asked as they walked to the front door to check in.

Jim gave his name to the man up front and they were told they would have to wait ten minutes.

Jim smiled over at Blair and said, “You were right in telling me to come at this time. Ten minutes is so much better then an hour, like last time. I’m going to have the Prime Rib tonight. I was craving that all day long.”

The waiter walked up to them and said, “Ready gentlemen?”

They followed the waiter and Blair whispered Sentinel soft, “They’re calling us gentlemen, do you believe it?”

Jim had to laugh along with Blair.

The waiter took them to a cozy booth and they slid into either side of it.

Blair smiled at Jim and said, “This is very romantic, Jim. Thank you again for asking me.”

Jim ran his hand over Blair’s cheek and said, “I’m so glad we’re here. This is going to be a night to remember. Do you think we can have one of the Red Velvet Cupcakes for dessert?”

“Only you would be thinking about dessert already. We haven’t even gotten the menus and you’ve got dessert planned. You’re too much, man.”

The two men sat and ordered their meal, talked, laughed and just took turns looking at each other until the night was coming to an end. Jim finally said, “So are we doing the Red Velvet Cupcake or not?”

Blair burst out laughing and said, “I would love to share one with you.”

The waiter came and asked if they needed anything else and Jim ordered the Red Velvet Cupcake for them to share.

When the waiter brought it back to the table, he had cut it in half and had each piece on a separate plate. They slowly began to eat the luscious dessert and Blair said, “I’m glad you recommended this. I’ve never had it before. I wonder what Red Velvet Cake is?”

Jim finished chewing and said, “I heard it’s just chocolate cake with red food coloring, but for some reason, it tastes really, really good, so I refuse to believe that.”

The waiter brought the bill and Jim gave him his credit card. While they waited Jim reached across the table and held Blair’s hand for a few moments. “You were right; this was just a first date. It’s been great. I’ve had a wonderful time. Thank you very much.”

“This was the best first date I’ve ever been on. I’ve had a terrific time. I thank you for asking me out and for showing me such a great evening,” Blair commented.

They walked back to the truck and Jim once again opened the door for Blair and Blair found himself really liking it. Once he was seated inside, he reached across the seat and opened the door for Jim to get in.

Jim smiled at him when he sat down and said, “Can I kiss you on the cheek?”

“Sure, why not?” Blair answered and moved closer to Jim.

Jim leaned in towards Blair and kissed his cheek very softly. Blair imagined how those lips would feel on his own lips and found himself wanting a little more then this first date. But he knew they had to take it slow.


The drive home had been nice. They talked about everyday things and neither of them were nervous anymore.

Once home, they went up the elevator, but this time they talked the entire ride up. They had definitely gotten more relaxed.

Blair opened up the door and they stepped inside and Blair said, “Well, I have to get up early in the morning, so I’ll see you then. Thanks again for the wonderful night. I had a great time.”

“Thank you for being an excellent date. You made this evening so much nicer then I had hoped. I’ll see you in the morning,” Jim said as he walked into the bathroom to get ready for bed.

He felt a need stirring in his groin, but he knew that they were taking it slow, so he calmed himself down and got ready for bed. His senses picked up a lot of pheromones from Blair, so he knew he wasn’t the only one feeling this way. It wouldn’t be too long and they would actually do more then kiss a cheek.

Jim smiled at his reflection in the mirror and whispered, “This was one first-rate first date. You still got it, Ellison.”

Both men knew that there were going to be more things on the horizon. They would both be more then ready for it.

The end
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