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Worried about Lisa's Dad.

Lisa is in Texas right now spending time with her Dad and she had to take him to Urgent Care because he was having chest pains. She's a wreck and I'm worried about both of them. They're running some tests on him tomorrow, but think it might be his gall bladder too, which would be a lot easier to treat. I hope that she has some good news tomorrow.

I talked with my brother, Pete tonight and he's very excited about Lisa and I meeting him in San Francisco. He's got some plans made since he knows the town and all. We're seeing a little bit of everything. I have a feeling that Lisa will need the break by that time. Pete's going to make us walk, walk, walk. This is going to be good for us. We're walking across the bridge and we'll take pics. Maybe. :)

Today I have to do some more shopping before the trip. I hope I can get to sleep soon or I won't be doing any shopping at all. [sigh]

Tinn, is that new Hurricane going anywhere near where you are? Boy, these darn things just won't leave. And they're bigger each time. Scary, scary stuff.

I hope this note finds all of you well.

Hugs, Patt

PS: I'm jamming out to oldies tonight. Right now I'm listening to David Bowie. I have a two CD set with his greatest hits. They're all just wonderful. I love him. Always have. I'm showing my age again. [g]

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