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First and Last line Meme for Ficlets this time...

First and Last line meme.

Ficlets, this time.


You have to appreciate Sandburg’s butt. It’s perfect.

God, I’m a lucky son-of-a-bitch.


Jim Ellison had worked for two straight days without any rest.

“I know, ain’t it cool?” Blair loved being in love. And he could tell that Jim loved it too.

Late and Lost

“Oh this is perfect, Sandburg, we’re not only late for Simon’s birthday party, but we’re lost,” Jim said angrily.

He wanted Jim’s ass badly. Maybe this was the perfect outcome.

Listening In

Jim was outside his loft door, getting ready to put the key in when he heard Blair talking to someone on the telephone.

Not a bit. Now could we stop talking and start kissing? And making out does include groping doesn’t it? “Jim wondered aloud.

“It sure does,” Blair said and began his own version of groping right then and there.

Problems Ahead

Jim Ellison was a smart man usually, but today he wasn’t on his game. He didn’t sense the trouble ahead even though he had caused it.

Jim smiled to himself and was happy that there were no more problem’s ahead.

The Green Eyed Monster

Jim still couldn’t believe that Blair had been jealous of Mark Peterson. He was 22, still had acne and didn’t stand a chance against Blair Sandburg.

Sometimes, it helped to become a green-eyed monster. It helped Jim remember who he belonged to. And Blair was going to remind him of that as soon as they got home, too.


I never realized how much I loved hearing Blair Sandburg’s voice, until he stopped talking to me. Now I am surrounded by silence and yearn to hear his voice.

I’m starting to doze off now and I’m so fucking grateful that he’s back with me, I can’t even think about anything else. As I fall asleep, I am left with one thought. At least I won’t have to worry about silence in the loft tomorrow.

Traveling With Jim

“Hey Chief, we have the next week off and I’ve decided that we’re going to fly to San Diego. What do you think of that?” Jim asked excitedly.

Jim’s last thought was, what a fucking good idea this was, Ellison.

And Blair would have agreed, if he was still awake.

Across the Room

From across the bullpen, I can see Jim talking to Rafe and I can’t seem to take my eyes off of him.

He’s all mine…

Talking Dirty

The phone rang and Blair picked it up and said, “Sandburg.”

“I’ll be here.”

Towel Duty

Blair knew it was horrible that he kept doing the same thing, but he couldn’t help it.

No more feeling guilty for Blair Sandburg.


Blair was putting four cans of Redi Whip in the refrigerator when Jim walked in to the loft.

Jim followed closely behind, because he loved following that behind anywhere.


Jim was working his way down Blair’s chest, licking and sucking on each nipple when Blair asked, “Do you miss having them around?”

“None. Carry on.”

Move It

Jim and Blair were getting very into their lovemaking when Jim said, “Come on, fuck me already.”

All that could be heard was a growl and Blair laughing as he fucked Jim senseless.

Making the Call

Conner looked around the bar and saw the bullpen gang and walked over to join them. “Where’s Sandy?” She asked.

They walked hand and hand up the stairs for a night that would begin their new life together.

The Deal

“I don’t think this was part of the deal.” An aroused and anxious Jim said as he blushed while Blair was unzipping Jim’s jeans.

Jim was worth everything. Then he would curl his fucking toes…


“Hold onto something. This is going to be wicked.” Jim said as he rammed himself into one Blair Sandburg.

They lay in each others arms and slept the sleep of the wicked.

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