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First and Last line Meme

First and Last line from your stories, meme. I don’t exactly what this is for, but thought it sounded sort of fun. So I did it. What the heck. And it’s funny when you see the two lines together. Especially on some of your older stories.


Blair Sandburg was in court all day long leaving his long suffering partner on his own for the entire day.

Jim was feeling less unraveled with every passing moment.

A Year With Mason

"Hey, Jim, how often to I ask you for favors?" Steven Ellison asked.

Life was indeed good.

You Gotta Have Friends

Driving home from Seattle, Jim was in a state of panic.

Blair smiled at him and realized that song was made for them.

The Heat is On

Jim Ellison, a California Fire fighter, was having a bad day.

And all he could think of was a semi-dressed Guide waiting for him.

A Change Will Do You Good

Detective Blair Sandburg, from Robbery Division was sick and tired of Robbery.

Note to self, call Doctor Mason so he doesn’t put a hit out on us.

Drowning His Sorrows

Yelling was routine at the Ellison's.

No matter what seemed to come their way, they overcame it.

No Bed of Roses

When Jim was in the locker room cleaning up after finishing up a very messy case, two officers confronted him.

This is what life was supposed to be.


Berkshire Publishing stood behind their employees ninety nine percent of the time.

Things would work out fine.

Who Am I Now?

When the woman met him, it was like it was fate.

And Blair was happy in this role.


Jim Ellison, ex-husband, father and cop of the year stood in the kitchen packing his two children’s lunches for school.

Everything works out in the end, and in their case, it really worked out in the end.

Lost in Cascade

Captain Simon Banks left a message for Detective Jim Ellison to see him in his office.

As they drove in different directions, Blair smiled and thought to himself, he wasn't the only one that once felt lost. I'm no longer Lost in Cascade, either.

Romancing Jim

Jim, Simon, Brown, Rafe, Conner and Joel Taggart were all waiting patiently in the bar at the across from the apartments they were staking out.

Thankfully they had the rest of their lives.

The Lone Ranger

Jim sat behind his big desk waiting for the phone to ring. Rubbing his temples, he sighed and buzzed his assistant.

He wasn't the Lone Ranger anymore.

By Your Side

Jim woke to a beautiful sight.

Life was good...but love was even better.


Blair Sandburg stood next to the hotel bed, packing up his belongings.

"In that case, your Manhunter days are over," Jim said, kissing him as they climbed out of the GMC Jimmy to start their new life.

Discovering Love

Cascade was a large city, broken up into two divisions.

But thankfully you did and you won’t fuck it up again.


Jim woke up with one thought on his mind.

They once were blind but now they see.


Jim was watching the game alone, again, relaxing after a hard day.

Jim could hear his Guide's laughter and he knew they were both home for good.

She Has My Eyes

James Ellison, President of Ellison Enterprises, was sitting at his desk, busy as always with clients, when the call that would change his life came through.
She might have his eyes, but she had both of their hearts. Life was indeed good.

School Ties

Blair sat in his office at Rainier, grading the latest exams, happy to see that some of his students paid attention.

They could fall in love like the rest of the world, and not control whom it would be with. Thank god for that.

Mr. and Mrs. Wrong

Blair Jacob Sandburg was in love with his very male partner but knew that he couldn’t tell him about it.

And at that same moment, Blair was thinking that Jim was indeed his Mr. Right.

Thundering Wolf

Agent Jim Ellison slowly walked to the Director’s office at the Federal Building.

Yes, this Wolf was Thundering. And he smiled at this new feeling.

Seeking Salvation

When little Jimmy Ellison was growing up, he was very happy.

Blair woke and watched the look on Jim's face and had nothing but wonderful thoughts for his partner.

Holey Moley

In the emergency room, they finally wheeled a sweating, pale and exhausted Blair Sandburg.

They were in love and life was fucking good.

The Elevator

Jim was in the federal building, leaving after being in court all damn day long and he was ready for a beer and dinner.

Jim knew that the conversation over dinner was bound to be more interesting than it had been in the elevator. Thank god for that.

A Ringing Phone

Blair paced the loft, still fuming from the words that he and Jim had said to each other.

Yes, things were going to work out just fine.

The Visitor

Jim was checking the mail at the loft when he noticed a letter from an old friend.

And they did just that.

Mistaken Identity

Jim stretched out in his bed for the second day in a row because he usually didn’t have any room in it.

So life would go on, thankfully so, and both men were very grateful for that.

Three Things My Mother Told Me

One of the first things I remember my mother telling me was how I needed to stay clear of pigs.

Jim smiled and said, “In that case, could you drive a little faster?”
The Morning After

Jim woke to an empty bed, that had been filled the night before by his roommate and new lover, Blair Sandburg.

And to think Jim had worried about the morning after.

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