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My results are in...

Well, first of all, let me just put this little paragraph here that explains it fairly well.

--Adenomatous polyps (“adenomas”) are the “bad polyps”. They are usually precancerous, meaning that they have a potential to develop into cancers over months - to - years. Adenomas of a diameter of 1cm or larger are especially worrisome. For this reason, the gastroenterologist during a colonoscopy procedure will try to remove any polyp over 5mm (half a centimeter) in size to examine it under the microscope to determine if it is an adenoma or even an early cancer. This practice has been shown in large studies to prevent colon cancers and early death from cancer. With an adenomas of 1cm or larger, followup colonscopy is advised every 3 years in order to remove any further polyps.--

Adenomatous Polyps are the ones that I had. They came back precancerous, so I have to have the colonoscopy every three years unless something comes up before that. I'm not that upset about this because the doctor was very calm while explaining all of it to me. I have to be careful, but I don't have to be overly paranoid. I can live with that. My Grandfather died at 53 of Colon Cancer, so we don't want to mess around with it, do we? Rod wasn't thrilled with what the Doctor said, but I explained it to him about nine times and he seems calmer now. He freaks out easily, I guess. I'm going to mark it on the calendar so I know to remind myself every year.

Well, that's all I wanted to tell everyone. Have a good Monday night.


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