September 10th, 2020


Music Meme

This is a fun music meme from LJ. Feel free to repost in your own journal, or add your answers here as a comment.
Thank you, finlaure

I think that I have done this one before. But I can't be sure. I'm old. LOL

No Googling, No Children's Songs

A Place: Penny Lane-The Beatles
A Food: Strawberry Fields Forever-The Beatles
A Drink: Cracklin' Rosie-Neil Diamond-I could not think of a drink one for the Beatles. I'm so bummed.
Animal: I am the Walrus-The Beatles or Octopus's Garden-The Beatles
A Number: When I'm 64-The Beatles
Color: Old Brown Shoe-The Beatles
Boy's Name: Hey Jude-The Beatles
Girl's Name: Sexy Sadie-The Beatles
Profession: The Fool On the Hill-The Beatles
A Vehicle: Yellow Submarine-The Beatles-Well, it's almost a vehicle. LOL