January 5th, 2020

Jim jungle

A note to tell you what's going on with me.

I went to the doctor because I was short of breath. She said she had some ideas, but we needed tests first. So X-rays, pulmonary tests and more breathing tests, I've been diagnosed with COPD in the moderate stage right now. She will start me on Advair to begin and we'll go from there. While I was in there she was watching oddly and said, "I don't like the way you swallow." So I had to have a swallow x-ray and it showed a few things. I had to go for an endoscopy with my gastro doc. I had to have my esophagus stretched, (that was fun.NOT), he found a hiatal hernia that I have to help with diet, there were three sections that he took biopsies from and finally, acid reflux that's there when I'm not lying down. And I had been fasting since midnight. While under my oxygen fell to 70 and the doctor wasn't at all happy that his assistant didn't mention I have COPD. It's not in my chart, I would guess. Then my tremors have gotten so bad in the last six months that I look like a Parkingsons patient. But it's not Parkingsons at all. Now I have to see a Pulmonary doc and Neuro doctor. Can we say, 2020 sucks? But you know what? I'm alive and I plan to stay that way for as long as I can. Hoping the pathology reports come back good from my Esophagus. Keep me in your thoughts for the next couple of weeks. I'm sorry to vent all evening to you, but I have no one else. I can't really say much around here because it might upset Sam. It's frightening to not be able to breathe.

On a happy note, Marilyn, aka Arianna is coming for a four day visit. I can't wait to see her. She's an excellent cook and I plan on letting her do just that. I'm buying all the food, she has to do the hard part. LOL My hubby is all excited. He loves new dishes to eat. I've made some of the best friends in the world though Fandom. Lisa, Duncan's Twin is my very best friend in the world. We've been doing things every year for almost 20 years now. And of course I met Sheila, aka Bluewolf (online) and she's an angel. I wish she didn't live in Scotland. Then I Have Tinnean, Katef, Grey853, Mab, Snailbones, Dimity Blue, REgina, Fran, Debbie Stone, Alyjude, Ainm, Unbelievable2, Kernel1, Leesa Perrie and everyone else that means the world to me. We make a good group. :) I"m sure I forgot ten people and will scream after I post this. I love you all.

Hugs, Patt