January 20th, 2019


Meme from Spikedluv

Swiped from spikedluv

How old are you? almost 67.

Tattoos? Yes, two. One of Iron Man on my leg and one of two dolphins in the shape of a heart with my hubby's name in it.

Ever hit a deer? No

Ridden in an ambulance? Yes.I had a bad seizure and they had to take me to the hospital.

Sang karaoke? Yes, I love it. Don't know if anyone else did. :)

Ice skated? I grew up in Iowa and we skated every weekend during the winter.

Ridden a motorcycle? Yes, with my son-in-law.

Stayed in hospital? Yes. See: Ridden in Ambulance above. *g*

Skipped school? Never did.

Last phone call? One of my kids calling to check on me.

Last text from? My daughter, Chris. We text all the time.

Watched someone die? Yes. I was with my mother as she died.

Pepsi or coke? I drink Dr. Pepper, but if I can't I'll take a coke.

Favorite Pie? Strawberry-Rhubarb.

Favorite pizza? White with Artichokes and spinach.

Favorite season? Spring. (Fall runs a close second.)

Broken bones? Do toes count? I've broken three different toes.

Received a ticket? One is all my years of driving.

Favorite color? Purple. All different colors of green. So many of them hard to choose just one.

Sunset or sunrise? Sunset.