December 11th, 2016

00 halloween SallyMN

Sam's project this week.

She needs to take in graham crackers, frosting, different types of candies and they are going to make gingerbread houses, the easy way. The frosting I picked up has little pieces of candy in it, so that will make it more festive. Then we got four kinds of candy to stick on the sides and door of the house. She's got enough candy to even build a sidewalk and other things. I already know she's going to have great fun. She loves to make art projects. If it turns out, maybe she'll let me take a picture of it this week. I think they aren't doing it until MOnday the 19th. She said something about they needed the stuff in ahead of time to see what they had to work with. I'm sending a whole box of graham crackers, so there is plenty for someone else if they dont have enough. Same with the frosting and candy. You never know if a family is down on their luck one week and can't send the things they wanted to.

Did I tell you all about my new job as a assistant to the reading coach at Sam's school? A better word would just be helper, not assistant. It's a half hour for first grade and a half hour for third twice a week in the computer lab. They read to me and I see how they're doing and give them the stars when they are done with each story. 30 minutes isn't enough time. There are ten kids in each of the classes. He said he was going to try and get it longer, but it would probably be after the first of the year. So Tuesday and Thursday each week, I help the kids. And they are all so cute. I really enjoy doing it. Marc, the reading coach said I'm really good with the kids. He said no one has ever signed up from now until April before, so he's very surprised with my help.