March 7th, 2016

1 patt

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. Oh Joy.

I've been having trouble catching my breath for about three weeks. So tomorrow I will have my asthma checked out and see if something is going on. They say you should always have it checked when you can't breathe right. I'm sure it's just my asthma, but never hurts to make sure. Right? I've been going to the same doctor for 27 years now and he's thinking about retiring. I told him that he's being selfish. LOL He's only thinking of himself and his family. How dare him want to retire just because he's my age. He always laughs when I tease him about it, but he did promise to tell me way ahead of the game when he does retire. That's one thing bad about getting a doctor of the same age as yourself. What was I thinking? I told him to reconsider. He would be giving up this life for a life of traveling with his wife and kids. Who would want to do that? *grin*

Hugs, Patt (Who is in a very cheery mood tonight.)
00 halloween SallyMN

I haven't bugged anyone with pictures of the child in a while, so here goes nothing. :)

Sam loves fake glasses. She's so weird. I told her she's related to Snail. :) Anyhow, she watched a tutorial on youtube on how to do this hairdo. This is the finished product. It amazes me that people can do this without a mirror or seeing it. I can't do it when I can see it. LOL She's wearing that fake little smile in the pic with the glasses. I told her, just smile natural and she gave me that. *grin* So here is Sam's first attempt at doing a weird braid with her hair. She had a blast.