February 23rd, 2016

Jim and Blair

New Dining room furniture. :)

We had our last set for 24 years. I'm telling you, we stick with things. LOL Anyhow, there is another chair coming tonight so it won't be so empty on that one side. We didn't realize it was so large. In the huge store it looked smaller. Don't mind the artwork in the dining room, we are getting different pieces for that too. The dining room is very large, so we need big pieces, not the small ones we have. Always something, right? So here are the pics of the table, bench and chairs. The camera made the table look light, believe me it's not. It's pretty darn dark. And the chairs are a dark gray tweed. (Which I love.) The bench is for the grandchildren to sit on so they don't ruin my new chairs. :)