May 20th, 2015

Dancing snoopy2


This afternoon, I guess that would be yesterday afternoon, a Hummingbird flew into our garage while the door was up. Well, we left the door up so it could get out, but it couldn't find it's way. Rodney tried to guide it with a broom first. Then he tried coaxing it out with the bird feeder. It looked at us like we were nuts. Finally Rod gave up. I went out the the garage to get something and it flew into my parked car and hit it really hard. Rod came out and swooped it up, since it was stunned, big time. He took it way over to the other side of our yard away from the garage opening. And what did the damn thing do, but try and fly back into the garage. I think it got brain damage from hitting my car so hard. Poor little guy. Rodney said he wasn't one bit happy about being picked up by a human. Anyhow, that was our excitement for the evening. Do we know how to live, or what?