March 27th, 2015


I'm going on a two week trip on the 7th of April.

I've been friends with Lisa, Duncan's twin for almost 20 years. WE get together every year and do something fun, but we didn't manage it last year and she misses me so I'm going to San Antonio, TX for two weeks. It's not too far from where my second daughter lives with her family so we even get to go and visit them. Now the thing I'm worried about is being without a laptop for two weeks. EEEEEEEKKKK. And the place we're staying, Lisa told me that her neice doesn't have wifi. What? You're kidding, right? Oh my God. Two weeks without being able to contact anyone is beyond belief. I have to remember to tell Morgan from the Big Bang that I'm going to be out of touch for two weeks. *sigh* On one hand I'm thrilled about seeing Lisa and on the other hand I'm bummed about no wifi and contact with all of you. I love Live Journal. Anyhow, if you all notice that I'm quiet for two weeks, you'll know why. Then again, you might like the peace and quiet. LOL I'll be back on April 20th. I don't leave until the 7th, though. So you're stuck with me for another couple of weeks.

Hugs, Patt

I was a little blue.

Yesterday would have been my dad's 91st birthday and I miss him so much. It's also my brother's birthdays. The twins always shared that day with him and they get a little blue on that day now too. I'm sure it gets easier, but we decided that easier hasn't hit us yet.


Oh my gosh, I just noticed something about this picture. Dad has the same shirt on in both pictures. They were about 20 years apart from one another. LOL He saved his shirts forever. Loved when they were worn and soft. Oh my gosh, this post means even more now. We used to buy him tons of new shirts and he never wore them. Said they weren't soft enough. Mom started washing them every week to soften them up and then he would wear them. He was so funny.