September 4th, 2014

Jim and Blair

I haven't posted a thing since the 27th on Grey's Birthday.

I just wish I had something exciting to post about. Has anyone checked out A Year's Worth of Cocktail's by Tria Kane on AO3? She's been doing it since January. They are little snippets of stories from different fandoms about a certain cocktail and the ingredients. She has people writing for it, too. I think there are six or seven of us now writing these little stories. Sometimes they are quite fun,, sometimes sad and sometimes just a nice way to check out a new fandom. (I never heard of Rectify until I saw it listed there.) Now, I'm hooked. (It's on Sundance Channel.) There are six or seven parts now for all of the months. And I think starting in May, they are labeled for each story to which fandom it goes to. If you have time on your hands, check them out. You might enjoy some of them. I love them all. :) Here is the link: This is the first three months of them. The others are listed on another page. YOu can get to them by clicking on the link for Cocktail and it'll take you to all of them. :) September is just getting ready to start. I think she might be behind a little bit. :) I hope someone enjoys them. Leave a comment if you have time. We all love kudos and comments. :)