June 8th, 2014

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Has anyone ever been to Fayetteville, Arkansas?

Our middle child and her hubby are thinking about retiring there and would love for us to retire closeby. I've been reading up on things and it sounds like a super nice place to live, not too hot, not too cold, just right. Not so dry and quite a bit of humidity, which would be a welcome change after the dryness here. Nothing is set in stone yet, but we're thinking about it. In fact, I was looking at houses tonight and saw one that I could easily live in and love it. LOL LMBO It won't be there when the time comes for us to retire, but still it gave me an idea of how much houses are and what they look like. This is the link for the house. I love it. It's in Springdale. http://www.homes.com/property/1579-london-terrace-springdale-ar-72764/id-600012080867/ I showed it to Rodney tonight and he agreed that we'd get a lot more house in Arkansas then here in Arizona. I think the 110 degree days are starting to drain Rodney. So, if anyone has anything to say about Arkansas, please tell me. WE've got three years to plan for this. Our son-in-law gets to retire early. I hope our grand-daughter, Alexa moves there too, so we'll see her a lot.