May 14th, 2014


These are my dogs ever since i got home.

I went to the hosptial for three days and they did all sorts of tests and I never got to see a doctor. Only nurses? Tell me, does anyone else find that odd? I'm not saying the nurses weren't great and everything, but I would have preferred to see a doctor. Especially, since they thought it might be my heart. The nurses all decided that it's probably an ulcer in my esphogus and will have to be treated. I have no idea, since I missed that day at med school. :) They woke me up every hour and a half every night during the night because my blood pressure got too low. They had no idea what that was from. Again, I would have like a guess from a doctor. Call me silly. I'm glad it's not my heart. Thank goodness, but hubby wasn't happy with their diagnosis at all. He believes it's something worse. LOL He's a worry wart. They told me today to see my Primary Care Physican. I guess I'll have to do that. Most tests, oh happy day. Anyhow, I got home and the dogs acted like I was gone for a month. They laid on the floor in the office watching me like a hawk. LOL They're so funny. :) Dakota is the brown one and Lily is the chalk colored one. I hope everyone else is doing better than I was. LOL


Update: I'm having a ECG tomorrow sometime. I Have to call when I get up. My doctor wasn't happy with the diagnosis or the care. He advised me to never go to that hospital again. (LIke I would.) I'll keep everyone posted.