January 25th, 2014

1. secretsanta

I feel terrible for not know this already...

the Beatles have never been given a lifetime achievement award by the Grammy's. This is unbelievable. Frank (stinking) Zappa has an award, but not the Beatles? I can't believe it, so they are giving Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr the award on the 26th, I think it said. Sure, now that John and George are gone and the other two are in their 70's. I'm just in shock. If I was them, I would feel terrible, not good about recieving it now. I'm very angry and will continue to be. There is no excuse that's good enough for this to have happened. They will all be in my heart tomorrow night, but they've been there forever anyway. I guess that's all that really matters to me, is that they were important. I know they'll all be in my heart and mind as usual and I'll continue to tell my children and grand-children about them, like I always have.

Okay, I'm done ranting now. Everyone have a nice vacation from me. We're leaving in the morning for a week.

Hugs, Patt