November 7th, 2013


Something fun.

My daughter wrote to me the other night and asked, "Did you watch Dracula last night? I just wondered, because it really sucked." My gosh, I was howling with laughter at the pun. LOL LMBO She said I seemed down, so she wanted to cheer me up. It worked. I laughed and laughed. She is so wonderful for making my life happier. :) (This is Chris, mom to Alexa who you see in the icon.)

Hugs, Patt

Another thing I have to feel grateful for.

Vincent, our grandson is almost 25. Do you believe it. Just seems like yesterday he was 10. Anyhow, he's a Machinist in training and is doing very well. He met a super nice girl name Brittani that is a junior in college. She's a psych major and I told her, boy did she pick the right family for her thesis. LOL They are very happy together. They just got their first place together and they seem so happy. This is Vincent and Brittani. He just bought a new 50 inch television, so he's hyped up about watching Netflix on that. :) He's such a good guy and told me he intends on marrying Brittani. I couldn't be happier.


Vincent just sent me two more pics of them. Her curly hair is natural. She said it takes an hour or more to staighten it, so she usually just leaves it curly. :) I told her I hated her. LOL LMBO