October 8th, 2013


Is anyone watching the new series, Blacklist?


It took me awhile to get used to seeing James Spader without hair. But once I got used to that, I was hooked. I think it has fantastic writers and it's very interesting. I haven't watched this weeks yet. I can't wait. It's so darn good. It's on Monday nights, if I remember correctly. When you have a DVR, you tend to forget what days anything comes on, because you don't watch them that day, anyhow. LOL I love not having to watch commercials. :)

I'm also hooked on a series, new to me.


Person of interest, is really interesting. I love the characters and I really don't know what's going on because I have missed two or more seasons. LOL I must go watch them on my Kindle fire. Does everyone already watch this and I'm just really late to the party? LOL Who is your favorite character. I barely know their names, I've only seen four of them. But AnnieB got me hooked. Thanks, Annie. :)