April 21st, 2013

1. secretsanta

Today ws a good day.

It was our grand-daughter, Samantha's birthday party today and it went very well. A lot of friends came and our son did face painting on the kiddo's, so that made it even more fun. I have some pictures I wanted to show. Tom has never done face painting so this was all new to him. He had fun, but was hard on himself saying they could have been better. Samantha loved the party, the food, the cake and the face painting. She fell asleep at 7:30 tonight. LOL
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1. big bang-b

Good as new...

Early yesterday morning I woke up with a 102.6 fever and of course I had to nip that in the bud right away because I had places to go, people to see. LOL Anyhow, my daughter emailed me this morning and asked me how I felt today. I told her as good as new, oh who am I kidding, I'm as good as used. We both had a good laugh over that. I just felt like sharing. LOL

Have a great week, everyone.

Hugs, Patt