March 5th, 2013

1. blair

Has anyone seen the movie Red?

It has Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren in it. It was so good. Well, I thought it was good anyhow. THey made a sequel to it, and it's got most of the same people, (yay) and Sir Anthony Hopkins in it. I only hope they give him more then a few lines. I adore him. But I also love John Malcovich and he's in it again. AS far as I'm concerned he more or less steals the show. *grin* Here is a link for the trailer for Red 2, The Best Never Rest.

1. blair

The new trailer for Iron Man Three came out and I'm so hooked on this film already. :)

May 3rd is going to take forever to get here. I can't wait to see it. :) But my granddaughter, Alexa wants us to wait until we go to Texas for her graduation. Waaah. So we might have to wait two and a half weeks to see it. It's going to kill me. The things we do as grandparents. (grin) Here is the new trailer if you haven't seen it. Tell me it doesn't look good! LOL

Oh, and here is my Iron Man 3 wallpaper for my desktop. I love RDJ so much. I just added an Iron Man 3 logo to the picture and it was now mine. LOL This is a small one, the one on my desktop is huge. Gosh, I'm so happy tonight. :)