February 11th, 2013

1. blair

My Mongoose is pleased to announce:

The Many Chapters of The Sentinel 8!! Our official "final" ezine! There
are 48 stories (OMG, how many?!) in 10 different chapters, and a chapter
devoted entirely of funnily captioned Sentinel photos titled "Taradiddles".

The opening artwork was done by the lovely and talented akablonded. I
hope you love it as much as we do. The stylized font on the cover says
"Allinllana" which is Quechua for goodbye.

Patt and I have had a good time over these last 12 years and are sorry
we had end the official production of ezines. As stated before, the
archive will remain intact, and after a resting period, I will be
cleaning up code, adding missing ezines and sweeping up the dust. And
who knows... maybe the Mongoose will bring a little Christmas present to
all the Jim/Blair lovers.

Main Index page, ezine is the first listed under "Newest Ezines"

Direct link to Many Chapters of The Sentinel 8 cover

Thanks again,
Lisa, Duncan's Twin and Patt
My Mongoose Ezine