December 10th, 2012


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Vincent was parked on the street the other morning and the neighbor pulled out of her driveway and not used to Vincent being there, smacked into his driver's door. Did she leave a note? No. Instead, Vincent got up to go somewhere and found his door dented and couldn't get it open. He had to take a crow bar to it to get it open. (It's working fine now, but that's not the problem.) VIncent is in shock. He couldn't believe that this neighbor just wanted to pretend like it didn't happen. He didn't want anything monatary out of it, he just wanted an apology. He asked me to write up a note to put on her windshield, which I did. Here is what I said. Most of this came from Vincent.

To you, who thought you got away with this, without anyone noticing.
You didn’t.
To you, who have cheated a neighbor and thinks no one will be the wiser.
They will.
To you, who didn’t bother to leave a note on the young man’s car because it was too big of a bother.
Shame on you.
Everyone knows. You have fooled no one, except maybe yourself. And again, I say, shame on you.
The young man whose car you hit wouldn’t have dreamed of leaving the scene of an accident.
Shame on you.
He’s 24. How old are you? And you want people to look up to you?
Shame on you.
We all know who did it. But the worst part of all is that you know and let it go without saying a word or leaving a note.
Shame on you.
Backing into your driveway, wasn’t the answer. The answer would have been to apologize to the young man. Because of you, he had to spend all morning, using a crow bar to open his driver’s door.
Shame on you.
There is little more to say than that.
We’re saddened that someone in our neighborhood would do something like this and try to get away with it. We’re in shock.
Shame on you.