November 13th, 2012


Anyone looking for a good cause to help out with?

There is a non-profit organization called HeroBox and it's for soldiers who don't get any mail or packages. Once a month on the first of the month, you mail off a package to them for 10 bucks at the post office and the post office gives you the boxes to use. I just signed up and I have a new Hero to write to and send a package to. :) Here is the link in case you're interested. HeroBox
Check it out, it's a great program and 100% deductible on taxes, if that's a concern. The hero gives you a list of things he would like in the following months and you choose what you would like to send. I signed up for six months, but we'll see how it goes and it might become a regular program for me. December 1st is when I'll mail off the first package. I can't wait. He likes to read. I have some great paperbacks for him and he likes music, so that's easy, too.

Some super good news for a change!!!!!

Good news. Really good news. I don't have MS. I had some of the symptoms and the lesions in my brain and they thought it might be.

I have Neuropathy in my right and left arms, causing numbness, tingling and pain sometimes. The tendon that runs across the elbow is swollen and needs to probably be repaired, but for now, just heat on each elbow and try not to over do with lifting and such.

The muscle cramps are caused from my Pernicious Anemia, and for that I will drink tonic water with magnesium it in. How exciting, I know I can't wait. LOL

The ruptured disk, I'm going to have to learn to live with the pain, because they are not touching my back for surgery.

The lesions in my brain can be caused by the Pernicious Anemia, also and age. Yes, that's right, lesions can show up on anyone's MRI that is old. LOL Go figure.

So basically, I'm doing pretty darn good. I'm thrilled about the outcome and hope to have my arms back in shape in no time.

Hello to everyone and hope your lives are going well.