April 2nd, 2012


Our new addition...

Dakota Rose is a new dog we got yesterday. She's 8 1/2 months old, so she's past the chewing up things and she's housebroke. Yay. :) She's very skittish, she misses her family of dogs. Linda has a ton of them and she's in shock. Rod chose this name and he loves the dog too. Lily is a little jealous, but not too bad. She's taking charge and letting Dakota know who the boss is. LOL Here is a picture of her, so you can get an idea. Lily is a labradoodle that has tight curls, where Dakota is the same breed with straight hair with just a little wave in it. THis picture doesn't do her justice, she is just precious. She's half the size of Lily and so darn cute. SHe weighs 16 pounds and won't get any larger than that. Lily is 32. She has beautiful eyes. :) Just keep in mind that my camera isn't that good. I would have put one with the two together, but they won't stop playing long enough to do that. LOL In the last hour, she has calmed down a great deal. I think she's getting used to us. Yay!!!!