December 5th, 2011


Happy early Birthday to Zelempa. :)

You and Lisa, Duncan's Twin from My Mongoose share the same birthday. Yay! You must be wonderful, because I know she is. Must be the day. Have a wonderful day and eat a piece of cake for me. I'm going out of town and didn't want to forget you, zelempa


Happy early Birthday and Lyn and Annie...

I'm going to be out of town, so I didn't want you to think I forgot your birthdays on the 25th. Have a wonderful day and year and make sure and eat some cake for me. It's less fattening that way, for me anyhow. LOL I wish you both well. Hopefully the next year will bring brighter days and happier ones too. Love you both alynt and annieb1955. I will be thinking of you both on the 25th.