October 31st, 2011


Lies by Patt The Sentinel Big Bang 2011

Title: Lies
Author: Patt
Email: PattRose1@aol.com
LJ User: pattrose
Word Count: 12,406
Summary: Jim thinks that he and Blair are in love. Blair doesn’t agree. Or at least he doesn’t think he does.
Artist: Flitterflutterandfly or better known to me as Flitter.
Beta: Kelly, Kerensa, Sheila and Lydia.
Warnings: Bad language, m/m, angst
Genre: Slash, established couple.
Authors Notes: I had this idea about a year ago and started writing it, but I just never finished it. It took the Big Bang to find the end, finally. Thank you to Lydia for not only being a cheerleader, but also a beta. She really knew how to shake those pom poms. A huge thank you to my other three betas, Kelly, Kerensa and Sheila. You are all the best and mean the world to me.

Author Notes 2: Thank you so much to Flitter for making my job so much more fun. I loved all three of the pieces of art you did. You’re the best. It was great working with you.

To the art

Link to Story: http://pattrose.livejournal.com/356068.html

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