August 25th, 2011

1. blair

Sentinel Thursday #373-Hard--A Betting Man

A Betting Man
By Patt

Challenge: #373: Hard
Prompt: One hundred bucks says you can’t go a week.
Word count: 2099
Genre: Slash
Warnings: Sex and bad language.
Summary: Blair is going to make a bet with Jim, hoping Jim will lose the bet.
Acknowledgments: Thank you to Maggie for the prompt book. I’m still working my way through it.

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1. blair

Gratitude Meme: Day 25

Day 25: Today, I am most grateful for my friend Lisa, who calls me up at night and reads me a new Sentinel story that she just wrote. I love her Jim and Blair. She's a fantastic writer and I'm so happy to hear when she writes new ones. This is the second one in a couple of months, so this is very good news. In case you're all wondering, it's Lisa, Duncan's Twin. She made my night tonight, taking my mind off of other pressing matters. She's an angel.

Hugs, Patt