July 19th, 2011


News about Vincent.

Vincent is our 22 year old grandson. He's such a doll baby and I've watched him suffer for almost a year now with pain in his stomach. They took out his gall bladder because it was diseased only to have the pain come back. So he figured it was just part of life. I talked him into using his great insurance from work and see a doctor. He said that Vincent has a hernia in between his rib cage that has caused spinal damage too. Vincent is 6'1" and stoops like you wouldn't believe. People don't even know he's that tall. The doctor said he's ruined his back and it's going to take a lot of physical therapy to get it back to normal, or close to normal. He can't promise him anything. He couldn't believe that the poor kid has walked around with this for so long. Vincent went to Urgent Care three times when the pain was unbearable and no one found anything. Has anyone ever heard of a hernia in the upper stomach area? Vincent said he really liked his doctor and he talked him like he was a big boy. LOL LMAO His words not mine. So anyhow, he starts physical therapy as soon as the x-rays come back. I'm so glad I nagged him into going for a check-up. Poor thing, he's too young to have to suffer already. That comes later in life. :) So please keep him in your good thoughts until he starts to get better.

Hugs, Patt