July 2nd, 2010


Does anyone read Janet Evanovich novels?

Her first Stephanie Plum novel is being made into a movie. I don't think the cast choices so far are that great, but on the other hand, I really like the cast so far. I know, it makes no sense. I've read all of the books and Stephanie Plum is not Katherine Heigl, but that's who they choose. I figure if they color her hair it might help to picture her as Stephanie. But what blew me away was Jason O'Mara is going to play Joe Morelli. (Imagine an Irishman play an Italian. He's got blue eyes for crying out loud.) And the guy that is going to play Vinnie is named, Patrick Fischler. I recognize him, but not from anything to speak of. I loved the book. I've read it like ten times, so I'll watch the movie when it comes out.

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