November 5th, 2009


I just got my new prompt from the Give and Take list...

we have a prompt sent to us and we have to write at least 1,000 word story using said prompt. Well my prompt is so good that I could use it four ways, so I wrote out summary's for each of them and decided to go with number 3 right now. I can always change. Anyhow i have 1,766 words so far and I'm jusg getting started. So it's going to be much longer then 1,000 words. (They don't mind long ones, thankfully) I sent the ideas and the story so far to my beta to see if it's worth writing. I can't decide. I needed another person's input. Now I just have to wait for Kelly to get back to me. :) I'm hoping she says it works, but the other three ideas were good too, so I can always switch to one of them. The story isn't due until January 1st, so I have plenty of time to write, get it beta'd, fix, get it beta'd again and then finally once it's polished enough, send it in. I'm excited about a new story. I love the Give and Take list so this will be fun. :) Woo Hoo.

The weather here is absolutely gorgeous. Tomorrow is going to be 90 degrees. Whoa. Isn't this November???

I hope you all have a great weekend. I think I'll be busy writing, so it'll be fun for me too.
Update:I finished the story tonight at 5,065 words. It could have been longer, but I think it would have been dragging to do that. I'm thinking about writing one of the other ones too. God, I love nights when I can't sleep. LOL
Hugs, Patt