August 20th, 2008

happy feet

Our new bed is coming tomorrow...

and we're really excited to see how much different it's going to be then the memory foam bed. Not to mention how much sleep we might be able to get on a regular mattress that isn't so hot. And my nightstand is coming tomorrow too. Woo Hoo, the bedroom will be complete.

Are you all having a good week? I hope so. I wish everyone well and good health to all.

Hugs, Patt
frustrated_Jim  Patt

I really miss...

George Carlin, so I ordered Jersey Girl from Blockbuster rental, so we could see him in a film. He was good in it, if I remember right. It should be here tomorrow. If it's as good as I remember it, I might go ahead and buy one from Walmart or Target. Then I would like to get some of his stand-up DVD's. They are the funniest I've ever seen. I really, really miss him.

Hugs, Patt