June 8th, 2008

1. blair

The Talk--Sentinel Ficlet--Jim/Blair

Title: The Talk
Author: Patt
Email: PattRose1@aol.com
Author's websites: http://patt_rose0.tripod.com/dreamingofsentinels/
Fandom: The Sentinel
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Prompt: We need to talk…
Category: Slash with talk of first time sex.
Rating: FMAO
Status: Complete
Spoilers: None
Brief Summary: Jim knows how Blair feels about him and decides to move it to the next level.
Warnings: No nudity. LOL
Notes/acknowledgments: Thank you for the prompts, Peja. I have started to put them on my Peja’s Challenge page on my website. This was done in about 9 minutes. Not beta’d.

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