October 4th, 2007

Dancing snoopy2

My how things have changed...

while waiting for a friend at the hospital today, a nervous woman asked me if I knew anyone that had thyroid problems and I told her I did. I had half of my thyroid removed 18 years ago and told her how easy it was getting over the surgery. It really was a breeze, even with all of those staples in my neck. The radiologist came out after hearing what I said and explained to both of us how simple it is to check for hot nodules now, instead of cold ones. They find the nodule with a machine and then they numb the area and extract a small amount of the nodule to check for cancer. Wow, I was floored. I would have loved that 18 years ago, then there was no choice given to me, I had to have the surgery and that was that. I'm just so friggin amazed and grateful that times they are a changin. :) By the time this radiologist was done telling the two of us all about the procedure, the nervous woman was much calmer. In fact, she looked quite relieved.

My friend was being checked for blot clots in the legs, so everyone keep her in your thoughts, please.

You all have a great weekend. Looks like ours is going to be sunny, warm and without rain. YAY. Does this mean the yardwork has to be done? LOL

Hugs, Patt