August 19th, 2007

happy feet

Movies and Day seven of dreadmill...

that's what my friend Lisa calls it. LOL Tomorrow is going to be day eight already. Hard to believe, eh? I'm hoping to have it up to two miles a day by December. We'll see, I guess. I'm going to get used to this dumb treadmill if it kills me.

We watched a movie tonight and i think it was close to being the worst movie we've ever seen. It was called Vacancy and it was supposed to be scary, I think, but it was just dumb. There was no plot to it and I even liked the actors that were in it, just not in this movie. LOL Did any of you see it? This week, I'm going to try and get Dead Girl and EX. I've seen neither yet and haven't heard anything from anyone about them. I hope they'll be good, because I'm sick of stupid movies. LOL

Everyone have a great week.

Hugs, Patt